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      Bigg Boss 13 Day 11 LIVE Updates: Sidharth Shukla Accuses Paras Chhabra Of Ruining Eggs


      11:42 - In the next episode, we will see the girls nominating boys for elimination.

      11:35 - Rashami is upset and doesn't want to eat. She cries to Devoleena.

      11:25 - Rashami breaks down about the politics in the house. She feels she is not being valued even though she prepares food with love.

      11:20 - Sidharth and Paras argue about the right way of cooking eggs.

      11:02 - Paras, Sidharth and Asim get into a major argument.

      10:58 - Paras is angry with Shehnaaz for getting a black ring from her. Mahira doesn't want to be dragged into the conflict between Paras and Shehnaaz.

      10:55 - Shehnaaz gives her ring to Paras because she feels his game is causing a lot of problems between her and Mahira. Mahira gives her ring to Sidharth Shukla. Devoleena also gives her ring to Paras. Dalljiet gives Siddharth Dey a black ring because she feels he disrespects women.

      10:53 - Bigg Boss announces it is time for the girls to give black rings to the boys. The boys who get maximum black rings by the time of next eliminations, they will be nominated. Aarti and Shefali give it to Paras. Koena and Rashami give it to Sidharth Shukla.

      10:50 - Siddharth Dey gets caught naked in the bathroom when Koena opens the door and find it not locked. Paras and Mahira, who are also in the washroom area, start laughing. Shehnaaz and Sidharth Shukla tease him afterwards.

      10:45 - Paras joins in, and tells Aarti to not play the third wheel between Shehnaaz and him. Aarti gets angry with him and tells him that she will never trust him. Paras tells her that she is not trustworthy.

      10:42 - Rashami feels Aarti broke her trust in the Rani No. 1 task. Aarti tries to clarify and resolve their misunderstanding, but Rashami is not interested in it. Aarti thinks Rashami is overreacting.

      10:40 - Siddharth Dey gives Mahira yoga lessons.

      10:37 - Abu, Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaaz, Asim, and Aarti discuss if Paras can be trusted. They also talk about Rashami and Dalljiet's game.

      10:35 - Aarti gets angry with Koena because she thinks she appeases everyone when she is up for elimination. Aarti and Koena get into an argument over it. Shehnaaz backs Aarti.

      Devoleena Bhattacharjee became the first queen of Bigg Boss 13 by winning the Rani No. 1 task. However, the task has caused rifts between some who trusted each other. Paras Chhabra and Shehnaaz Gill, Rashami Desai and Aarti Singh were two strong connections to break due to the task.

      On Day 11 of Bigg Boss 13, we will see these rifts getting worse as Aarti, Rashami and Paras engage in verbal fights. The boys will undergo a 'report card session' today, as Bigg Boss announces that even they will be up for elimination this week.

      Bigg Boss 13 Day 11 Live: Aarti & Rashami’s Fight Continues

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