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      Bigg Boss 13 Day 3 Live Updates: Contestants Take Part In A ‘Messy’ Luxury Budget Task!


      11:30 - Shefali and Shehnaaz apologize to Aarti and Rashami for hurting their feelings.

      11:22 - Shehnaaz starts crying to trigger Rashami and Aarti. Shehnaaz blackmails Rashami by telling her to get up if she is a true friend of hers. Rashami refuses.

      11:20 - They move to Rashami and ask her how old she is. Aarti starts crying.

      11:17 - Next up is Aarti and Rashami's turn as patients. Shefali and Shehnaaz have to treat their 'mind'. Shehnaaz yells 'Paras is my friend', at Aarti. Shefali brings up Aarti's broken marriage, which stuns the other contestants.

      11:15 - Koena calls Mahira insensitive, and tells her that she will eat whatever Mahira gives, but she can't decide the speed at which she eats it.

      Bigg Boss 13: Fans praises Siddharth Shukla for tortured badly with cow dung | FilmiBeat

      11:05 - The 'doctors' feed the 'patients' all sorts of things like bittergourd, tabasco sauce, aloe vera, etc. It starts to get too much when Paras gives Koena and Siddharth a handful of salt, and Mahira gives Koena 'Veet Hair Removal Cream' to eat!

      11:02 - Bigg Boss announces that Dalljiet and Mahira are the on-duty medical staff, who have to treat stomach problems for Koena and Siddharth Dey.

      11:00 - Aarti tells Rashami that she thinks Shefali was taking sadistic pleasure in pushing Sidharth's limits.

      10:55 - Bigg Boss sounds the siren, and Sidharth's torture comes to an end. Asim confronts Paras on his bullying tactics.

      10:52 - Sidharth sits patiently as Paras and Mahira perform all sorts of bizzare skin treatments on him.

      10:50 - When Shefali suggests they put ice on Sidharth, Koena, Aarti and Rashami start shouting that it is wrong, and that they can't go to extremes. Abu, who is moderating, also agrees.

      10:47 - Sidharth continues sitting in the treatment room, while Paras and Shefali perform 'skin treatment' on him. They begin by waxing his legs, and then throw a bucket full of gobar on him. They top that with haldi. Koena, Aarti and Rashami watch shell-shocked.

      10:45 - Asim, who is a patient, gives up the first task as it involves the doctor applying hair removal cream on him. Other patients are angry with him for giving up.

      10:42 - Abu Malik is the 'dean' of the hospital. Team A includes patients, and Team B includes doctors. Whenever a siren is sounded, the doctors will treat patients as instructed by Bigg Boss.

      10:40 - Bigg Boss announces the season's first luxury budget task - Bigg Boss Hospital. The contestants are divided into two teams. Team A includes Sidharth Shukla, Rashami Desai, Siddharth Dey, Aarti Singh, Koena Mitra and Asim Riaz, whereas Team B includes Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Shefali Bagga, Dalljiet Kaur, Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma.

      10:38 - Shehnaaz, who is in charge of the ration, is annoyed that the contestants are making tea without her supervision. The others assert that Paras gave them permission. Shehnaaz lays down a firm rule that 'chai' will be made only once in a day.

      10:32 - Siddharth Dey and Sidharth Shukla discuss rationing. The contestants go to bed. Rashami Desai sprawls on the floor.

      Bigg Boss 13 has had a sparkling start to its all-celebrity contestants season. It is Day 3, and we have already witnessed the classic Bigg Boss happenings; from forming connections to heartbreaks, from bonding to fighting over food - it has all happened in just two days of Bigg Boss 13.

      Bigg Boss 13 Day 3 Live Updates: ‘Messy’ Luxury Budget Task

      On day 3, we will see Bigg Boss 13's first luxury budget task. The preview for this episode shows some of the male participants being covered in gunk. Stay tuned to our live updates to find out what happens!

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