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      Bigg Boss 13 Day 4 Live Updates: ‘Patients’ Become ‘Doctors’ And Avenge The Torture They Endured


      11:37 - The episode ends with Shefali explaining her stance to Shehnaaz.

      11:30 - A fight breaks out between Devoleena and Shefali which leabes Devoleena in tears.

      11:18 - Paras announces that Devoleena is the majority nomination. Shefali informs Bigg Boss that she disagrees with it, and that she nominates herself. Bigg Boss says that the decision has to be unanimous, but Shefali does not yield to Devoleena's nomination.

      11:16 - Devoleena wins the votes but Shefali does not agree with the nomination.

      11:15 - Bigg Boss announces that Team B contestants have to nominate one lady from their team, who will become the 'queen of the house' and will not be responsible for any house duties. Many lean towards Devoleena.

      11:12 - Team B wins the first Luxury Budget Task of Bigg Boss 13.

      11:02 - An argument breaks out between Sidharth and Shefali. Aarti tries to calm down Sidharth by saying that since the time Shefali has been nominated, she has started behaving like this. Shefali overhears this and confronts her. Aarti hits back saying that she has started crossing all limits.

      10:56 - It is Siddharth and Rashami's turn to play doctors, and they need to treat stomach problems. They roll Dalljiet and Devoleena into the operation theatre and start feeding them strange food items. Dalljiet starts throwing up.

      10:50 - Koena dumps a bucket of gobar on Shehnaaz. Sidharth places ice on Mahira. Seeing that, even Koena places ice on Shehnaaz. Mahira can be seen shivering.

      10:47 -Bigg Boss announces that Sidharth and Koena are on-duty doctors, and they have to treat skin problems. Team A chooses Shehnaaz and Mahira. They start by applying Colgate on their skin, followed by pouring turmeric on them.

      10:44 - Sidharth shouts at Asim for his poor performance.

      10:42 - The first two patients are Paras and Shefali. They are rolled into the treatment room by Aarti and Asim for 'ear' treatment. Aarti gets her revenge on Shefali, starts yelling at her.

      10:37 - Sidharth Shukla plots out strategies with his team members, Rashami, Asim Siddharth, Koena and Aarti. Since Bigg Boss won't be giving instructions this time, the Team A members are free to decide how they will go about this.

      10:34 - Bigg Boss Hospital's task begins for the day. Roles will reverse, Team A becomes 'doctors' and Team B becomes 'patients'. Since Team B was successfull in getting only one contestant from Team A to give up, in order for Team A to win, they will have to get one or more contestants of Team B to quit.

      10:31 - Bigg Boss wakes up the contestants with 'Love You Zindagi'.

      On day three of Bigg Boss 13, the contestants participated in their first luxury budget task. They were divided into two teams, with Team A including Paras Chhabra, Shefali Bagga, Dalljiet Kaur, Mahira Sharma and Shehnaaz Gill, who conducted 'medical treatments' on the Team B members.

      Bigg Boss 13 Day 4 Updates: ‘Patients’ Become ‘Doctors’

      Today, which is day 4, we will witness a role reversal. While some relationships are being kindled, the competition is also sparking some serious quarrels among contestants. Stay tuned to our live updates to find out how Team A members, Siddharth Dey, Sidharth Shukla, Rashami Desai, Koena Mitra, Asim Riaz and Aarti Singh take revenge on Team B!

      The inmates will also choose their first 'queen of the house'.

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