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      Bigg Boss 13 Day 8 LIVE Updates: Paras Chhabra & Shehnaaz Gill Get Emotional After He Nominates Her!


      11:40 - Preview of the next episode shows the fight between Sidharth Shukla and Rashami about kitchen duties escalating.

      11:38 - Dalljiet gets angry with Siddharth for taking her son's name and making comparisons with him.

      11:35 - Asim & Abu nominate Koena. Koena calls Asim ungrateful. Asim says there is nothing personal about it.

      11:33 - Abu & Asim together have to nominate either Koena or Devoleena. Devoleena starts praising Asim's rap skills, his body and hair, his fairness. Koena appreciates Asim's dedication to his workout regime.

      11:18 - Siddharth brings up Dalljiet's son in an example about ganging up on others. Siddharth says that Dalljiet is not fair because of the game she played on him, and nominates her.

      11:07 - Siddharth Dey has to nominate either Shefali or Dalljiet. Shefali shares that she has always felt that Siddharth has been there for her, and that she has enormous trust for Siddharth. Dalljiet says that she is in the house to win, and feels she is very fair in playing the game.

      11:04 - Sidharth nominates Rashami. He reasons that even though he and Rashami have known each other for a long time, he has built a stronger connection with Aarti in a short span of time.

      11:02 - Sidharth Shukla has to choose between Rashami and Aarti for nomination. Aarti says that she doesn't want to go inspite of her rating being low for the last week. Rashami brings up the fact that she has known Sidharth for a long time, and although they fight sometimes, their connection is quite strong.

      10:58 - Aarti tells Shehnaaz that Paras is in love with her. Abu tells Shehnaaz that Paras has played a very good game because he has made her safe in public's eye.

      10:56 - Paras tells Shehnaaz that if she doesn't want him to nominate her, she should spend more time with him. Shehnaaz tells him that she is not loyal. Mahira tells Paras that whatever game she is playing, she is doing so honestly, so she should not be nominated. Paras nominates Shehnaaz. Paras and Shehnaaz get emotional when they hug it out.

      10:54 - For elimination nominations this week, Bigg Boss has prepared two windows where two girls chosen by Bigg Boss will have to make an appeal to one boy why he should not nominate her. Bigg Boss calls out Shehnaaz and Mahira to make an appeal in front of Paras.

      10:50 - Shenaaz wants to be only friends with Paras because she doesn't want any problems between her and Mahira.

      10:47 - Koena confides in Dalljiet that she thinks Shehnaaz is playing a double game. That she appears 'dumb and cute' but says different things to different people.

      10:45 - Koena confronts Siddharth Dey about his derogatory comments on women. She requests him to be more responsible with his language.

      10:44 - Rashami sees herself forming a connection with Asim Riaz.

      10:42 - Shehnaaz and Mahira discuss about Paras giving attention to both of them. Paras joins the conversation. Mahira asks Paras what kind of connection they share, and he says, 'Best friends'. Paras admits that he likes Shenaaz very much. Shehnaaz wants him to be only her friend because it is causing her and Mahira to fight.

      10:36 - Rashami and Sidharth get into a quarrel about cutting vegetables, and washing a knife.

      10:34 - Paras opens up about his relationship to Dalljiet and Aarti. He talks about difficulties and differences with his girlfriend, and says that he tried to break up before coming to Bigg Boss. He also says that the relationship he is forming with Shehnaaz is genuine.

      10:32 - Shehnaaz and Sidharth chill by the pool.

      Bigg Boss 13 witnessed its first Weekend Ka Vaar on Sunday night, and to the joy of contestants, no one was eliminated. However, Salman Khan has said that there will be an elimination this week. Day 8 of Bigg Boss 13 is a nomination special episode, and we are sure to see some claws coming out tonight. The girls of the house will make heartfelt appeals to boys to save them from elimination.

      Bigg Boss 13 Day 8 LIVE Updates: Nomination Special

      Stay tuned to our live updates to find out what happens!

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