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      Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar LIVE Updates: Salman Khan Is 'Seriously' Disappointed With Aarti Singh


      22:30 - Episode ends with preview of the next day. Hina Khan and the cast of Sye Narasimha Reddy make a guest appearance. Few contestants will get to hear messages from their loved ones.

      22:10 - An audience member calls up Devoleena and tells her that he was expecting a different avatar of Devoleena in the show, but her image of 'Bahu' is continuing on the show.

      22:05 - Salman plays a fun game with Aarti, Rashami, and Siddharth Dey, where they have to answer questions. If majority of the contestants don't agree with their answers, they will be showered with things like flour, red goo, feathers, and other strange things.

      21:46 - Rashami and Devoleena will not be eliminated.

      21:40 - Salman praises Shefali for playing the game well, and taking a stand for herself. He announces that Shefali is safe this week.

      21:39 - Salman is disappointed that no one got elected as the 'queen of the house' in the first week, because of conflict between Shefali and Devoleena's nomination. Salman feels that Mahira was the most deserving.

      21:36 - Asim gets support from Salman for giving up when Devoleena apply hair removal cream on him. Salman also praises Mahira for the outstanding idea.

      21:30 - Salman questions Aarti regarding her poor performance in the 'Bigg Boss Hospital' task. After Aarti explains that she got confused and didn't want to come across as mean, Salman says that she could've done the task well even without being mean.

      21:26 - Devoleena, Dalljiet, Mahira and Rashami are sent away to enjoy a picnic.

      21:25 - Salman asks who would possibly break-up the connection between Shehnaaz and Paras, and majority of them name Mahira.

      21:20 - When Salman asks which two contestants' connection is strongest in the house, most of them name Paras and Shehnaaz.

      21:14 - Salman says that he is disappointed in one contestant's game. Paras names Shefali, which Salman says is wrong. Salman expresses that he is very serious about this, and names Aarti. He says that Aarti's content has just been dropping all week.

      21:12 - Salman brings up Siddharth Dey's flirtation with the female inmates of the house all week, and says that he looks 'hor*y'.

      21:10 - 'Punjab ki Katrina Kaif', Shehnaaz dances for 'Bumro' upon Salman's request.

      21:09 - Salman teases Paras for his 'kissing will burn 800 calories,' statement.

      21:07 - Contestants are asked to sit with their 'Bed Friends Forever'.

      21:06 - Salman pokes fun at Devoleena's glam avatar in Bigg Boss for being a 'bahu bani babe'.

      21:05 - Salman reveals that no one will be eliminated this week. Rashami, Devoleena, Shefali, Koena, and Dalljiet are nominated for elimination, but the contestants do not know that none of them will be eliminated.

      21:03 - Salman points out that the season is keeping speed with its express format.

      21:00 - Salman Khan makes a 'Tan Tana Tan Tan Tan Tara' entry!

      It has been a week since the all new celebrity contestants of Bigg Boss entered the house. Much has happened since then. Fights have been fought, connections have been forged, and the contestants have participated in the tasks. A few, such as Shefali Bagga, Asim Riaz, and Paras Chhabra, have been trolled for the personalities they have displayed on the show.

      Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar LIVE Updates

      Today, it is time for Salman Khan to interact with the contestants, in this season's first Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Watch this space for live updates on Bigg Boss 13.

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