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SHOCKING! Karan Oberoi Says The Astrologer Wanted SEX; Reveals Jail Had STINKING Gutter Toilet!


Karan Oberoi was arrested on charges of rape and extortion levelled by an astrologer. A few days ago, the actor was granted bail. The astrologer who had accused him of rape was arrested by Oshiwara Police under section 182 (False information, with intent to cause public servant to use his lawful power to the injury of another person) and 203 (Giving false information respecting an offence committed) of IPC. Karan was locked up in jail for a month for no fault of his. In an interview with Spotboye, the actor recalled the horrific trauma that he experienced in jail and what went wrong between him and the astrologer.

How Karan Oberoi Met The Astrologer Spoke?

As revealed earlier, the actor said that he met the astrologer through the dating app. It was sort of curiosity! He said that the astrologer had got obsessed with him and even wanted sex, but he had taken a back step in the association with her because he realised that she was into black magic.

The Astrologer Spoke About Black Magic/Blood Sacrifices All The Time!

He told the portal, "We struck a casual friendship and later there was a certain bond developed for a brief period of time. Later on, I got to know that she was into dark/black magic, which normal person is very scared of. She talked about controlling someone, blood sacrifices and all! That's when I started taking a back step."

‘My Biggest Downfall Is I Am Way Too Polite’

"I initially told politely! My biggest downfall is I am way too polite which backfired for me. I should have taken a strong stand and should have said to keep away from me in harsh language. There are some people who can't handle rejection." He also clarified that there was no love from my side and it was evident from communication.

Couldn’t Get Restraint Order

Three-four months before she accused him of rape, Karan said that he had even tried to get a restraint order from the police against her. He said, "The cops told me there's no such law in India, despite the fact that I had showed them the (suggestive and threatening) messages she was sending me."

‘My Sister Was Worried About Me’

He added, "My sister had sounded her on phone, but even that didn't help. She had categorically threatened us that ‘Main dekh lungi' a lots of times. I knew something was coming but not to this extent. My sister had even asked me to leave everything and stay with her. She was worried about me."

She Threatened Karan To Harm His Family Through Black Magic

"There were messages of threats to my family, my mother and father through black magic and she has power to kill people. Why did they get so shaken up was because I started to believe as my mother fell ill, subsequently my dad fell ill, then I had back issue and was unwell. In my mind, I started possessing messages differently. I lost my confidence quite a bit. I became extremely scared like I was going to pass out."

How long was this going on?

The actor said, "She used to vanish and come back again. This was out of the blue for me." While recalling these incidents, Karan was almost in tears.

Jail Had STINKING Gutter Toilet

When asked about the facilities at jail, he said, "Food was almost not edible, so I went without food for few days. I had some water and if somebody had biscuit, I would take that. I didn't sleep for first three-four days. There was a big gutter just adjoining his cell where the 92 inmates had to relieve themselves. It was stinking all the time as there were no doors. We had to clean it ourselves, there was no enough water."

Jail Inmates Were Helpful

"I think I got the strength from the support that I was getting from outside. I started meditating, and writing book. Inmates were very protective and they shared food. I cried a lot and was not sleeping and they could see that and there was one sheet. They piled up the sheets and they folded up their clothes and made pillow for me."

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