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      Bigg Boss 14 December 2 Highlights: Jasmin Is Devastated As Aly Exits House; Kavita Walks Out Leaving Everyone Shocked


      The December 2 episode of Bigg Boss 14 begins with Jasmin Bhasin listing her reasons as to why she does not want to stay inside the house to Aly Goni. She tells him that she does not want to stay in the game without them. Aly tries to console her and says that he wants to see Jasmin win the show. The duo continues to disagree and then start shouting at each other. In the meantime, the other contestants are also discussing their timing in the task.

      Jasmin refuses to let go of Aly and keeps crying. Bigg Boss asks Aly to leave the house and he says his goodbyes to everyone. He asks Rahul Vaidya to take care of Jasmin and asks an inconsolable Jasmin to say bye nicely or he won't rest well and then exits the house. Jasmin continues to cry her heart out in the bathroom after his ouster as well.

      Bigg Boss 14

      The next day, Bigg Boss announces the shark attack task, where housemates are required to sit on the chair while a big shark would target them from time and time. The contestant who manages to survive from getting attacked will win and directly move into the finale. Each one of them will have to hold on to their respective seats while other contestants keep convincing them to leave the task. BB concludes by adding that no contestant can get physical and that finalist Eijaz Khan would be the sanchalak of the task.

      Everyone is seen strategizing and discussing while the buzzer goes off and Abhinav Shukla, Jasmin Bhasin, Nikki Tamboli, Rubina Dilaik and Rahul take the seats first. Kavita Kaushik is seen asking everyone but no one pays heed to her request for a seat. As a result, Kavita sits on the boat and Eijaz explains Kavita to play fairly. They engage in a war of words. Eventually, Rubina gives up her footage but Kavita declines it and says that she does not want to give her footage. This leads to Kavita, Rubina and Abhinav engaging in a heated war of words. Kavita gives up as the task and is out of the race. Eijaz continues to ask everyone to play fairly. However, Jasmin takes a jibe at Eijaz and calls him fake.

      Later, Bigg Boss surprises the contestants by showing them a clip from a future episode. It has Jasmin looking ill and Abhinav in bed while Nikki is seen talking about the journeys of other contestants on the show. Kavita heaps praises on Nikki for making good tea and nobody is seen working much and are sitting idly. The housemates are wondering as to what they are watching whilst feel embarrassed about their behaviour in it.

      Bigg Boss 14

      Bigg Boss lashes out at them for their laid-back attitudes and non-competitive spirit. He then opens the main door and asks them to leave if they are not serious enough about the game and competition. Nikki apologises. Rubina says that everyone has got an attitude. Nikki.

      Rubina tries to say that she was just putting out a conversation when Kavita taunts her that she never has a proper conversation. Abhinav and Rubina explain to her that she was not pointing fingers and was putting it out in open. This leads to an ugly fight with Rubina asking Kavita to stop the blame game while they both ask each other to shut up. In the meantime, Eijaz asks a simple question to Kavita but she misunderstands him as well. She then accuses RubiNav of making the season boring followed by calling Rubina a 'Thandi aurat’. She gets personal and adds that Rubina has also made her husband Abhinav a Thanda person.

      Bigg Boss 14

      Kavita threatens Rubina and says that she should meet her outside then she'll show her her real place. Abhinav asks what does she meanwhile Rubina warns Kavita to not provoke and push her. Kavita then asks Rubina if she knows her husband's 'reality’. A furious Rubina retaliates and calls her shunya aurat and questions her aukaat. Kavita says that she will give her a tight slap. This is followed by Kavita walking out of the house.

      Nikki and Eijaz are shell shocked over Kavita’s move while Rubina continues to scream and calls Kavita senseless and worthless. Nikki labels Rubina as a manhus aurat and tells Eijaz that the couple was looking for an opportunity to fight with Kavita but Eijaz disagrees.

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