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      Exclusive Interview! The Gone Game’s Indraneil Sengupta Reveals Why We Should Watch The Show


      Voot's latest original The Gone Game is a thriller show that is shot remotely with phone, CCTV and video calls. The show stars Sanjay Gupta, Indraneil Sengupta, Arjun Mathur, Shweta Tripathi Sharma, Rukhsar Rehman and others in lead roles. In an exclusive interview with Filmibeat, Indraneil spoke about his character, what challenges they faced as they shot it from home and why we should watch the show. Here are the excerpts!

      Please tell us about your character in the show?

      My character name is Prateek and I am a doctor by profession. The story is centred around Gujral family as you all know from the trailer. To know more, you will have to watch the thriller.

      Exclusive Interview! The Gone Game’s Indraneil Sengupta Reveals Why We Should Watch The Show

      As the show is shot from home, what challenges did you face?

      Challenge was shooting, as we had to shoot it ourselves with our phone cameras, the whole technicality of the shooting, lighting and all, plus maintaining continuity, costumes, cropping the room and places where we are shooting. We had to do the work of a few members alone. And direction on the phone, Nikhil and DOP were giving directions on how to set the camera and how to take the scenes, it was quite difficult, but we had a good time and it was a learning experience for sure.

      As you have done TV shows, films and even web series, what difference do you find in shooting for these formats and which one do you enjoy the most?

      I think all the three formats shooting is same, only lockdown shooting is difficult, but otherwise - television is too much of workload, because you have to complete certain number of minutes in a day to telecast the shoot. Otherwise, films and web series give you the luxury to get more into the scene, as you get more time to prepare, explore and experiment, which is a plus for cinema and web series. Definitely, as an actor, I would prefer digital media more than television because in terms of satisfaction of performance, it is higher in that.

      Exclusive Interview! The Gone Game’s Indraneil Sengupta Reveals Why We Should Watch The Show

      Coronavirus has changed everyone's lifestyle and people's way of looking at life. What lesson have you learnt from the pandemic?

      I learnt to be more careful about safety. There are certain things which are not under control and we can't blame our country for it, as it is happening all over the world. But there is nothing to be scared of. We all need to be extremely careful and live our lives around it, because in the past also we have seen severe illnesses like small pox and plagues, but we have gotten over them and they have found cure for them, so I'm sure that they will find for this also. But till it is found, we just need to be extra careful and live our lives around it.

      Although the production houses are taking the necessary precautions to keep the virus at bay, do you think it's safe to shoot on sets?

      Shootings have started already and our lives need to move on as this pandemic is not going to get over. When we will get vaccines, when they are available in market and how sufficient the vaccination would be, we know nothing about it. I feel that the next six months to one year will be uncertain. We can't stop working and we need to find way out. Shoots have started and extra precautions have been taken by everyone and production houses. I think it is fine and we just need to take care of our own safety and work because we can't stop working and sit at home and lockdown can't happen for ever.

      Indraneil Reveals Why We Should Watch The Gone Game!

      The Gone Game is a different kind of project because part of it is completely shot under lockdown with restriction that were prevalent during the lockdown. We have done it in our homes, ourselves. So, I would request the audiences to watch it as such it is a great thriller. In addition to that, it is important thing to watch out for how we have managed put this up all alone, all by ourselves, without having met anyone. I think that is the interesting part of our show.

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