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      Exclusive! Ayub Khan Reveals What Made Him Take Up Ranju Ki Betiyaan; Talks About His Role In The Show


      Recently, Dangal TV launched a new show Ranju Ki Betiyaan that showcases the struggles and challenges of a single mother while raising her four daughters. While Reena Kapoor will be seen playing the role of Ranju, Ayub Khan will be seen playing the estranged husband, Guddu Mishra. In an exclusive interview with Filmibeat, Ayub Khan revealed what made him take up the show and opened up about his role. The actor also thanked his fans for their love and support. Excerpts from the interview with Ayub Khan.

      Ayub Khan On Doing Ranju Ki Betiyaan

      Ayub Khan On Doing Ranju Ki Betiyaan

      What made you take up 'Ranju Ki Betiyaan'?

      This is my second show with Rashmi (Sharma) and Pawan (Kumar) (producers). My first show that I did with them was a pivotal story about eunuchs and I was looking forward to doing a project that would have a very strong and relevant meaning in the society. When I was offered this show, I found the concept and storyline very interesting. The reason that I decided to be a part of the show was that my character is basically the reason for the twists and turns in the story.
      About His Character 'Guddu Mishra'

      About His Character 'Guddu Mishra'

      Tell us something about your character in the show.

      I play the character Guddu Mishra- he is someone who is respectful of his father. Even though he doesn't agree with his father's wishes, he goes along with them. When his father wants him to get married to a particular person, he doesn't go against his father's wishes even though he doesn't wish to marry the person. He gets married to her and they have four daughters. But Guddu feels that vansh, ladka hi aage badata hai (Family grows only with boys) and is unhappy with the marriage. So he thinks that he has do take an important step for his happiness and without getting emotional, he gets married to Lalita (played by Deepshikha Nagpal). He has patriarchal mindset and is in love with his second wife. His relationship is quite interesting - You expect Guddu Mishra to be in a traditional relationship with his first wife, and untraditional with his second wife. But it is quite the contrary, as he is untraditional with his first relationship and extremely traditional in his second marriage.
      His Bond With On-Screen Wife & Daughters

      His Bond With On-Screen Wife & Daughters

      How's your bond with your on-screen wife Ranju & on-screen daughters?

      He (Guddu) has no bond with his first wife and four daughters and just does what is obligatory and required of him. He shares no emotional or personal relationship with his daughters, definitely not with his first wife.

      Any Apprehensions Shooting During The Pandemic?

      Any Apprehensions Shooting During The Pandemic?

      Did you have any apprehensions shooting during the pandemic?

      Yes, basically, staying at home for nearly a year and not interacting with people, I became quite accustomed to just being by myself. So I had to break that mindset and trust the fact that I will be going to space where I will be interacting with a lot of people and no matter how much precautions you may take, there will always be a risk of getting infected. But you have to fight that mindset, life must go on and at some point of time we have to get out of there and start making a living for ourselves. So there was a bit of apprehension.

      Seeing the very fact that people were adhering to the special operating procedure on set, it put a bit of confidence in me that yes, we can go ahead. Of course, the fight will always remain as we as actors have to take off the masks and interact, we have to change costumes, you never know how the virus reaches you. Woh daar to laga rehta hai (that fear will always remain), but you have to move on in life.

      Message For His Fans

      Message For His Fans

      Do you have any message for your fans?

      I think my fans have done so much for me that I really can't ask of anything else. They have been very kind to me, supported my work. I'm eternally grateful to them. Without my fans I'm nothing. I, in fact, would like to thank them for all the support that they have extended to me through all these 20 years of my journey in the industry. I hope that I can live up to the expectations always, and hope that my work will continue to entertain them.

      On a related note, Ranju Ki Betiyaan will premiere on February 15, 2021 at 9.30 pm and will be aired from Monday to Saturday.

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