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      EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! Splitsvilla 13’s Evicted Contestant Samarthya Gupta: Nikita, Don’t Talk Too Much!


      Splitsvilla 13 aka Splitsvilla X3 is getting interesting episode-by-episode. In the last dome session, ideal match Jay Dudhane and Aditi Rajput dumped Nikita Bhamidipati's connection, Samarthya Gupta from the show. Well, his eviction left other contestants heartbroken, and fans were quite sad to see Samarthya going out of the show. After all, the handsome boy won many hearts with his cute smile and polite behaviour.

      Recently, the latest evicted contestant of Splitsvilla 13, Samarthya Gupta had a candid chat with Filmibeat, in which he spoke about his eviction, Nikita Bhamidipati, his plans and the show. Excerpts:

      Splitsvilla 13 EXCLUSIVE! Jay Dudhane And Aditi Rajput Win Splitsvilla X3?Splitsvilla 13 EXCLUSIVE! Jay Dudhane And Aditi Rajput Win Splitsvilla X3?

      Splitsvilla 13: Nikhil-Pallak's Drama To Shivam-Nikita's Fight; Moments From Splitsvilla X3's Latest EpisodeSplitsvilla 13: Nikhil-Pallak's Drama To Shivam-Nikita's Fight; Moments From Splitsvilla X3's Latest Episode

      ‘Splitsvilla Was Like A Dreamland For Me’

      ‘Splitsvilla Was Like A Dreamland For Me’

      How was your journey in Splitsvilla 13?

      My journey was beautiful. It was like a roller-coaster. I have always watched Splitsvilla on the television, hence, it was like a dreamland for me. It's like you actually being in dreamland and someone pinches you and you wake up from the dream. When we had to go for our profile shoot on the first day, it was an amazing feeling for me. The whole journey was lovable for me. The challenges were very intense, and I just loved the whole process.

      Your bond with Nikita Bhamidipati was loved by all. No one had any grudges against you, as you were always seen quietly standing during the dome session as well. So, how did you manage to stay calm during intense dome sessions?

      I think that's my personality and aura. (laughs) I worked on myself in that way. During my age bracket (18-25), I just worked on myself and invested a sheer amount of time and energy. I think that's the end reason for behaviour in the show. And my calmness and the composure of my body and mind is the result of me investigating time on myself.

      ‘I Had Asked Dhruv And Sapna To Save Me’

      ‘I Had Asked Dhruv And Sapna To Save Me’

      In your last dome session, your connection was fighting for you with others. Even Sunny Leone said that she probably had painted a target on her connection since you were in danger. What do you have to say about it?

      Yes, I also felt the same! I believe that you have to be smart enough in that situation. You should be mindful and conscious of what step you are taking at the moment. In the game, you have to be very mindful about every step that you take. Because your every step is going to put someone in danger. That was Nikita's bad move, but what to do, when you have already done a mistake. (laughs)

      When Sapna and Dhruv asked to guess the name written in Jay and Aditi's card, they thought that Aarushi would be dumped. Do you think they deliberately decided to put you in danger, as Nikita and you had kept Sapna on the third position in the priority list in the last dome session?

      I had a conversation with Jay Dudhane before the dome session. I had told him that if you get a dumping power, just don't write my name. At that time, he clearly told me that he has given a commitment to Trevon Dias and Aarushi Chib. I discussed this thing with Dhruv Malik and Sapna Malik and informed them that they are going to write my name. I had asked them to save me if they get the power to save someone. Dhruv and I share a brotherly bond and they had said that they will save me. But I don't know what happened to them in the dome session that they chose to save Aarushi over me. I would say that it was a bad move and because of that, I got evicted. And yes, that can be the reason behind not saving me.

      ‘Nikita, Don’t Talk Too Much!’

      ‘Nikita, Don’t Talk Too Much!’

      What do you like and dislike about Nikita Bhamidipati?

      Nikita, don't talk too much! This is something, I don't like about her. And what I like about her is, she is carefree and doesn't care about anything. Her quality of being carefree is good as well as bad.

      So far, ‘Teen Ki Yaari' has been ruling the dome sessions. But now, the disputes between them are also visible to all. Do you think that it is the end of ‘Teen Ki Yaari'?

      I think it is the end of ‘Teen Ki Yaari'. I would say, Jay, is the smart one because he strategically plans everything. They have lesser strength but play very smartly. But in our case, we go against each other. I think unity should be there and if anyone has any issues, just talk it out.

      ‘You Will Probably Get To Know My Wild Side In Wild Villa’

      ‘You Will Probably Get To Know My Wild Side In Wild Villa’

      After the eviction, you entered the Wild Villa. So, are you going to compete in Wild Villa to make a re-entry in Splitsvilla?

      I can't say that! I will try to give my best in Wild Villa. You will probably get to know my wild side there. Let's see how it goes and I will try my best to come back to Splitsvilla.

      Many people say that the Splitsvilla couples will never be together outside the show. We have also seen many examples like that. What do you have to say about it?

      People think that Splitsvilla is the show, where people will meet, develop the connection and stay together forever. However, the truth is, it is just a show. Everyone has a different reason to go to Splitsvilla. I did Splitsvilla just to put my first step into the film industry. If some people don't get along well after the show, it's okay. It's very natural. Because you are not vouching on the show or taking any pledge that you will be together after the show. For me, Splitsvilla is a blessing in that way, because I want to enter into the film industry.

      ‘I Will Do Bigg Boss’

      ‘I Will Do Bigg Boss’

      Tell us about your plans after Splitsvilla?

      I am going to pursue all the projects which are going to come related to acting. If it is a good project, I will choose it. I am very patient and like to go step by step.

      Lastly, whom do you see as the top two finalists?

      For now, Kat Kristian-Kevin Almasifar and Dhruv Malik-Sapna Malik.

      If given a chance to enter the Bigg Boss house, will you accept that offer?

      Right now, I am not focusing on any reality show. I am focusing on the OTT or any good project related to film acting. It is very organic. I am not sure if I am going to do that, but if I get an offer, I will do it.

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