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      Splitsvilla 13 Grand Premiere Episode Highlights: Sunny Leone And Rannvijay Singha Introduce The Contestants


      Splitsvilla 13's grand premiere begins with the stunning entry of Sunny Leone donning a pink blouse and dhoti. She makes her entry in a boat against the backdrop of the song, 'Jiya Jale' and the audience is introduced to the picturesque locales of Kerala. Sunny can be seen picking up a golden Cupid arrow after which Rannvijay Singha enters the scene. The host can be seen looking dapper in a white shirt and pants which he pairs up with a black blazer. He goes on to pick up a silver Cupid arrow.


      Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone then discuss how according to Greek mythology, Cupid had two gold and silver arrows. They reveal that this season, Splitsvilla will also have two sides, one, gold and another, silver. The female contestants of the show are then revealed. The contestants are namely Kat Kristian, Riya Kishanchandani, Arushi Chib, Nikita Bhamidipati, Aditi Rajput, Avantika Sharma, Samruddhi Jadhav, Pallak Yadav, Janvi Sikaria, Azma Fallah and Bhoomika Vasishth.

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      Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha interact with all the female contestants. They tell the contestants how Cupid's gold arrow indicates true love while the silver arrow denotes attraction. Rannvijay tells the female contestants that they will be given the Cupid's arrows that are one gold and two silver. They will then, have to pierce the arrows according to their attraction level towards the male contestants. The male contestants are then introduced to them.

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      Arushi Chib gets attracted to Vyomesh Kaul as the latter believes in old-school romance and gives him the gold arrow. Nikita Bhasmidipati recognizes Kevin Almasifar and gives him the silver arrow. Nikita also recognizes Trevon Dias and gives him the silver arrow. Arushi also gives the silver arrow to Samartya Gupta. Nikita replaces the silver with a gold arrow for Kevin.

      Kevin Almasifar immediately gets attracted to Kat Kristian. She also gives the golden arrow to Kevin. Kevin also gets a golden arrow from Aditi Rajput. Avantika Sharma reads Jay Dudhane's bio who has described himself to be a Casanova. Riya Kishinchandani reads Nikhil Malik's bio who had written that he regrets cheating on his ex and gives him an arrow for his honesty. Avantika gives the golden arrow to Gary Lu as he described himself to be a dancer.

      Kevin Almasifar expects an arrow from Samruddhi Jadhav who obliges him with one. Janvi Sikaria and Bhoomika Vashisht go next to give their arrows. Bhoomika gives her golden arrow to Vyomesh which makes Arushi upset and she gives her next arrow to Nikhil. She also gives an arrow to Jay Dudhane. Janvi also gives the golden arrow to Vyomesh. She also gives an arrow to Gary. Azma Fallah gives the silver arrow to Shivam Sharma. She gives the silver arrow to Vyomesh. Pallak gives one of her silver arrows to Dhruv Malik.

      Finally, the female contestants meet the male contestants without their masks off and see if they made the right choice with their arrows. Rannvijay then says that there will be two villas in Splitsvilla this season. He says only three boys will go to the gold villa and the rest of them will go to the silver villa. Kevin, Nikhil and Vyomkesh are chosen to go to the golden villa as they have got the maximum golden arrows from the girls. The episodes end after this allocation.

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