Bigg Boss 16 Day 5 Highlights: Kili Paul Enters The House; Performs With Abdu Rozik And Mc Stan


    Day 5 of Bigg Boss 16 witnessed internet sensation Kili Paul entering the house. The Tanzanian influencer was seen grooving to 'Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast' song with the housemates. Abdu Rozik and MC Stan also performed against each other in the very first competition of the season.

    Bigg Boss 16

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    Kili Paul लेंगे Bigg Boss 16 में Entry, Abdu Rozik के बाद Bigg Boss में एक और International Face!

    Bigg Boss also introduced four bedrooms arranged in a hierarchy of comfort and decided to bring in a shocking twist that would decide the fate of the contestants. He revealed that the master of the Bigg Boss house will be decided based on a talent-based competition, and the winning team will be bestowed with a special power to move the housemates from their assigned bedrooms as they wish.

    Bigg Boss announced that the competition will take place between Abdu Rozik and MC Stan. The duo, who had to make reels with the contestants, were also assigned managers. Shiv Thakre was Abdu’s manager while Sumbul Touqeer served as MC Stan’s manager. The managers' task what about convincing the other contestants to collaborate with their artists.

    Bigg Boss 16

    Posters of Abdu and MC Stan along with NOCs (Non-objection certificates) were placed inside the house and the contestants had to sign against the NOC of the talent they would like to collaborate with. The special contest was kick-started by Kili Paul. The Tanzanian influencer performed reels with Abdu and MC Stan and said that he liked their vibe before exiting the house.

    MC Stan ended up convincing more housemates to back him in the game. As a result, the rapper and his manager Sumbul get the special privilege of deciding or changing any housemate's bed till the lights go off. Meanwhile, Soundarya and Manya got into a fight over the dirty cloth in the kitchen area. Later, after Gautam was seen convincing Manya to be herself, she walked up to Soundarya and apologised for her mistake.

    Later, Tina was seen questioning Shalin and Sumbul's connection. The latter was also seen crying after she made an error while allocating bedrooms to the housemates.

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