Debina Bonerjee Reveals That Her New Baby Is Moody & How She Breastfeeds Lianna In Instagram Q&A

    Debina Bonerjee Says Her New Baby Is Moody In Instagram Q&A

    Debina Bonnerjee, the famous TV actress, is at present very much occupied with taking care of her two daughters, Lianna Choudhary and the "miracle baby." The actress has kept her fans updated throughout her pregnancies by sharing details on social media. Debina has been pretty vocal about the struggles of her journey into motherhood. From failed IVF and IUI attempts to the birth of Lianna and her inability to breastfeed, she spoke about all of it.

    Debina has now noticed something strange with her second daughter, the 'Miracle Baby', as she is breastfeeding her. For those unaware of her first daughter, Lianna, Debina had only formula-fed her. The actress conducted a Q&A session on her Instagram handle, asking her followers if breastfed babies are cranky as her second daughter is very moody. She asked, "Can anyone tell me.... Are breastfed babies more moody/cranky?"

    Debina Bonnerjee, gurmeet chaudhary

    Debina's Q&A session received a lot of responses, which left her surprised and startled to know that a lot of new mothers are also experiencing the same. The actress was relieved to know that she was not alone in this, and the reality that breastfed babies are moody pacified her angst. When one of the mommy users replied with the fact that mothers share emotions with babies through their milk, Debina responded with a witty reply. She said, "M I moody? I thought I can pass off as an epitome of patience right now."

    One of her fans asked her if she breastfeeds Lianna too since she has always been formula-fed. To this, Debina replied that she extracts her milk into a bottle as she has developed four teeth. She wrote, ""I do... extracted into a bottle. She has got 4 teeth now."

    Debina Bonnerjee discussed simultaneously parenting two children in one of her vlogs and said that it is a very challenging undertaking for her. She admitted that because she breastfeeds her second child, she has trouble falling asleep at night. Debina also noted that although it took a lot of effort, she spared no expense in having her miracle child. Debina made fun of the price paid to bring Lianna into the world by pointing out that her second child arrived miraculously on her own and began drinking milk. However, Debina noted that she considers herself extremely fortunate to be the proud mother of two daughters.

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