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      Karan Mehra-Nisha Rawal’s Fight: Kashmera Shah Supports Karan; Says 'There Are Lot Of Loopholes In The Story'


      Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal's separation came as a shock for everyone. What's even more shocking was Nisha accusing Karan of domestic violence and filing a case against the actor. She also accused him of having extramarital affair. Karan had often said that he hasn't met his son Kavish. Recently, in a press conference, Karan exposed his estranged wife Nisha's alleged affair with Rohit Sathia, who is supposed to be her Rakhi brother. He accused Nisha of using their son Kavish and said that he is not living in an okay space. Now, Kashmera Shah has come out in support of the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor. She has decided to become a character witness for Karan as she knows that Karan is not a violent person and added that there are a lot of loopholes in the story.

      Kashmera revealed in an interview with ETimes TV that Nisha had hinted at issues in her marriage in May 2021, but did not disclose details. She said that during those times, Nisha and Karshmera were a part of the same girl gang and she had offered her money and a place to stay but Nisha refused the same.

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      Kashmera Shah

      The actress narrated what happened on May 31, 2021 and added that she sensed something wrong! Kashmera said that she had got a call from Rohit Verma, a close friend of the couple at 12.30 am on that day saying Nisha was beaten by Karan Mehra. She was shocked as Karan is the kind of a person who wouldn't hit even a mosquito. Rohit asked her to come to Nisha's place, but added that no one came up to pick her up and when she called Rohit, he said that everything is over and is okay and he is at the police station. The next day when she called Munisha Khatwani and she told her that she's on her way to Nisha's house as she needs help, she also asked her to come. As a friend, Kashmera said that she was concerned and reached Karan and Nisha's house.

      Kashmera was quoted by ETimes TV as saying, "The scene I saw on reaching Karan-Nisha's house was terrifying. The cops were there. Nisha was quiet and Rohit was hyper. Then, a gentleman came up and asked if we would like to have tea. He identified himself as Rohit Sathia. Sathia had tears in his eyes and told us that Karan had taken Nisha into the room, closed the door and hit her head against the wall. I asked if he had seen it. He said 'yes'. I asked him how he managed to see it if the door was closed. I sensed some 'gadbad'."

      Kashmera Shah said that later, Rohit Sathia came up to her and lamented that things had gone so wrong between such a perfect couple. When she said that the truth would have been captured in the CCTV camera of the room, Sathia said that it was shut off, which was another red flag. She later said to Munisha that they should leave, but the latter said that Nisha needs her support.

      The actress said that she knows a lot of Karan's friends, who know the truth but they aren't speaking. She wondered how can they be such cowards! She feels that it's time that Karan gets to see his son- he needs visiting rights and shouldn't be debarred from meeting his child. Although she doesn't know what the truth is, she feels it's a very flawed story.

      Karan Mehra & Nisha Rawal

      Kashmera said, I have discussed this with Munisha and Rohit Verma that they jumped the gun and acted too fast. She has agreed and Rohit has even agreed to apologise. It is up to Karan if he wants to take that apology. I hope I am not wrong but the Karan Mehra I know is not a violent person. Today, I have spoken because Karan called me up a few days ago if I would be comfortable to be a character witness in his case. And I have said 'yes'. In my heart I believe he is innocent."

      Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai's Karan Mehra Shares Explosive Details About Estranged Wife Nisha Rawal's AffairYeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai's Karan Mehra Shares Explosive Details About Estranged Wife Nisha Rawal's Affair

      Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Actor Karan Mehra Accuses Estranged Wife Nisha Rawal Of Having Extramarital Affair

      The actress said that she is going by whatever she saw in that room and she will never support a wrong person. She concluded by saying, "I saw Nisha in Lock Upp. She is a very good speaker. There are a lot of loopholes in the story. If I was not an actor, I would have been a lawyer."

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