Valentine's Day Exclusive! Aashiesh Sharrma And Archana T Sharma Share A Funny Incident From Their Roka

Aashiesh Archana 2

Aashiesh Sharrma and Archana T Sharma are undoubtedly one of the most loved celebrity couples. The actors have been married for 11 years now, and their social media posts always give their fans couple goals. Filmibeat recently interacted with them and did a Valentine's Day special interview with the couple. Aashiesh is come Rajasthan and Archana is a Chatholic from Mumbai, so we spoke to them about the cultural differences that they would have faced, and the couple shared a hilarious incident from their Roka ceremony.

When asked if they had any issues to convince their parents for the marriage as they come from different religions and culture, Archana said, "From my side no because my parents knew me very well. They always had this thing that she needs to have the right guy who can take care of her. They knew that I am an independant and strong girl, so somebody has to be stronger than her to take care of her. Later, on I asked my parets how did they know that Aashiesh is the right guy for me, and my mother said that I just knew it that he is the right boy."

Aashiesh further added, "There was no problem from both our parents. But, cultural differences are there. But, we were very clear from day one that if we get married, we will do that only if our parents agree and with their blessings."

Archana revealed how their wedding talk happened at 2 in the night. She said, "We spoke at 1:50 at night. He spoke to his father at 1:55, and my father at 2 opens my door and asks, 'are you getting married, I just got a call from Aashiesh's father?'. I was like that was quick."'

Aashiesh further revealed a funny incident about their Roka ceremony. He said, "You are talking about cultural differences, a very fun thing happened. I was shooting in London and she was here. My parents flew down to Mumbai to do my Roka with her. So, her parents didn't know what Roka is, but they were like okay let's do it. My parents explained them that we are coming to fix the engagement. They came and the rituals are going on, and her mom asked, 'ladka toh hai nahi?'. So, my father took out a nice chandi ka nariyal and says 'yeh ladka hai' (laughs)."

Archana added, "I literally have a photo of me and that nariyal."

Clearly, it was a hilarious moment at their Roka ceremony.


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