Udne Ki Aasha Cast: Kanwar Dhillon, Neha Harsora Reveals How They Prepared For Their Roles

Udne Ki Asha Update

Udne Ki Asha Update: Star Plus has ventured into unexplored territory. Now, Star Plus has arrived with a new drama, Udne Ki Aasha, starring Kanwar Dhillon (Sachin) and Neha Harsora (Sailee). Star Plus will show Udne Ki Aasha to depict the tale of Sachin and Sailee and also the intricacies of the relationships and equations.

Set against a Marathi backdrop, the Star Plus series Udne Ki Aasha portrays the emotional rollercoaster journey of a wife and her efforts to transform her reluctant husband into a responsible individual, thereby impacting the entire family. Kanwar Dhillon portrays the character of Sachin, a taxi driver, while Neha Harsora brings to life the role of Sailee, a florist who engages in various small businesses to sustain herself. Coming from a non-Marathi background, Kanwar Dhillon and Neha Harsora have been preparing for their respective characters in order to attain perfection in the portrayal of Sachin and Sailee. They have indeed given their heart and soul to bring the perfect depiction of their characters on the screen.

Neha Harsora, aka Sailee, from the Star Plus show Udne Ki Aasha, shares, "It was difficult and easy to learn Marathi as in, I had few people who are Marathi, but pronouncing all the Marathi words was a bit difficult from my end so I would say it was not that easy and that difficult it was somewhere in between where I had to find my way to learn and make it a point that it is portrayed in the right way. I have done preparations like the people who were working with me that whenever I talk in Hindi all of them should reply to me in Marathi so that at least I can understand the words mean and at the same time the replies that they give me - in my mind or verbally I used to keep repeating it so somehow I can get the flow of the language or the pace at what some certain statements are said."

She further added, "I am definitely enjoying the character because it is totally an experience for me and the set as in the film city is close to my house so again I save a lot of time with respect to traveling and all. So I am enjoying my work a lot and every day something new comes up with the show, so, that keeps me engaged with my work, and let's hope for the best. Like the way I am enjoying my work, I hope the audience enjoys the show and you have Sailee in Udne Ki Aasha."

Kanwar Dhillon, aka Sachin, from the Star Plus show Udne Ki Aasha shares, " It was easy for me to catch the Marathi lingo as I have studied the language in school and have grown up around friends who belong to Maharashtrian families. The crew and the director of the show are also Maharashtrian, which made it easy for me. In order to attain perfection in the role, I worked on my diction and language. I also changed my look to get perfection in the portrayal of Sachin in the show Udne Ki Aasha. I am extremely elated with the response that I have received for the promo and Sachin, which in turn motivates me to work harder and entertain the audience. Sachin has his own Marathi lingo and style, which the audience will witness. Sachin has layers to his character, which the audience will see and resonate with."

Udne Ki Aasha, produced by Rahul Kumar Tewary, is set to premiere on Star Plus soon.


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