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Balika Vadhu: December 18th Episode Written Update

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Balika Vadhu December 18th Episode Written Update: The men threaten Jagiya to bring Pasha back within 15 minutes else he will shoot everyone present in the hospital. He rushes in his search but dies nit find him anywhere. Ganga gives support and strength to all the nurses and the kids.

Jagiya sees the open roof and makes out that pasha must have escaped from the same. He jumps through the same balcony and walls through the vacated path assuming Pasha must have taken the same. He finds him finally and asks Pasha to come back else they will kill everyone back in hospital.

Balika Vadhu

Ganga requests the men to open the door as kids are feeling suffocated. Pasha tells Jagiya that he dies not know anything about them but he took refuge under a family. He says that he is not from India and came here escaping from the militants. Jagiya asks to go back and save people back in hospital. But he says that he would not come back with Jagiya but will save everyone.

Bhairav calls Sumitra and tells her that noone is answering call at the hospital. Sumitra calls Kaka and gets to know about the attack at the hospital. They all get worried and Bhairav and Ma Sa move their car towards the hospital.

Jagiya comes back after 15 minutes alone and tells them that he could not find Pasha. He requests him to leave them all and go out in search of Pasha. The head of the militant asks to kill any of the patient. He tries to dodge them by telling he saw Pasha but he did not come with him.

Shiv also gets to know of the militant attack at Jayatsar hospital. Anandi calls up Sumitra to confirm the same and she tells her everything. Shiv also rings up all his contacts to save the hospital people.
Pasha attacks two militants from the back and frees the kids of Bal Vaadi. Pasha kills one of the militant and their head assumes that a patient has been killed.

Meanwhile the army attacks the militants and Pasha keeps the gun pointed on the head's forehead. He asks everyone to drop their guns. But their head asks not to drop guns and declares that he has fixed a bomb in the hospital. Pasha submits immediately. Suddenly the army shoots the head and he dies on the spot pressing the bomb remote.

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