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Balika Vadhu: December 3rd Episode Written Update

By: Rupinder Kaur
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Balika Vadhu December 3rd Episode Written Update: The episode begins with the cry of Meenu's new born baby. Hearing the same, Alok's face brightens up but he gets worried for Ira as well. Alok comes to meet Meenu and the infant. She thanks Alok for not calling Ira on even requesting, but Alok remembers about Ira's miscarriage.

He tells her about the accident and they both cry a lot in front of Meenu for Ira. She consoles Alok and asks him to go to Ira. The doctor informs Alok that they failed to save their female child. Alok sits still and thinks of Ira's soft heart. She can never accept this miscarriage. Sarla also consoles Alok and apologises for what all happened and leaves for her home. Alok cries helplessly.

Balika Vadhu

Meenu asks the nurse about Ira. She tells her about her miscarriage. Meenu breaks down and cries helplessly. She blames herself for everything. She walks out of her room and cries with Alok. She questions what reply will they give when Ira will ask about her child. Alok tells Meenu that he would not he able to accept this truth, she will die if he tells her about all this. Meenu consoles him saying they have to stay strong. Meenu urges Alok to let her stand by Ira's side.

Alok sees Meenu's child and urges her to give her child to Ira. He blames her that she can get off this blame by giving her child to Ira. He gets embarrassed of what he just said.

Meenu cries and agrees to give her child to Ira. She hands over her little baby boy to Alok. Meenu cries a lot and asks him to save her Ira's life. The doctor walks in and gets amazed to hear Alok and Meenu's conversation. Meenu clarifies that she values Ira's life a lot and she would not be able to see her dying and hands over the child to Alok.

Everyone in the family stands still to hear the story. Shiv sits aback on the sofa and Alok narrates the next sequence.

Alok hands over the child in Ira's hands. She cries with joy. Meenu gazes Ira and her child outside the room.

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