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Balika Vadhu: November 25th Episode Written Update

By: Rupinder Kaur
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Balika Vadhu November 25th Episode Written Update: Dadi Sa cooks raw papaya's vegetable and everyone feels excited to eat the same. She shares the pros of the vegetable and also shares that this vegetable is not good for pregnant ladies as it is quite hot by nature.

She serves the vegetable to everyone and pockets praises from all. Dadi Sa makes Ganga eat the vegetable too and she takes one bite hesitantly. She dismisses from the table by making an excuse of giving food to Manu.

Balika Vadhu

Shiv is lost in deep thoughts pondering on his originality. Anandi enters and sympathizes with him by trying to bring him back in the family and behave like before with them. She also tells that everyone is worried about him in the family. However, his consciousness still revolves around his originality.

He confesses that he feels a stranger in this family. He figures out that he was adopted first and therafter, Saachi was born in the family. He says that his worry will not reduce until he knows the root of his originality. He tells that he would go and meet Sarla nurse to unleash the truth.

Ganga offers the raw papaya's vegetable to the buffalo and Tayi Sa sees her doing so. She justifued that she does not like raw papaya's vegetable, hence, she could not eat the same last night. Tayi Sa supports her and asks her to come inside and have her tea.

The next scene introduces Indi, who comes to meet Saachi and her friends in a restaurant. He flirts a bit with Saachi and announces that he has a surprise for them all.

Anandi takes out Jagiya's sweater and Jagiya places the suitcase on the wardrobe. He gets lost in Anandi's loving eyes and falls on her. Anandi gets hurt on her leg, but denies to take the pain killer as it would affect the child in her womb. She says that he will do a home remedy as she does not believe in taking medicines frequently and Dadi Sa praises her thought.

Shiv and Anandi reach Sarla's home. She denies of telling anything but speaks out when Shiv questions her why she called up his mother. She confirms that his mother gave birth to a still child, but denies to tell anything further on which Shiv threatens to put her in jail if she does not help him. Anandi tries to convince her and ask her to help them out. But she remains stern emphasizing on the fact that she left nursing 30 years back and asks them to leave

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