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Balika Vadhu: November 26th Episode Written Update

By: Rupinder Kaur
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Balika Vadhu November 26th Episode Written Update: Nandu plays cricket with his friend in his school playground during recess. Shiv and Anandi come back home after meeting with Sarla. They both are tensed but Anandi tries to console him. Shiv tells her that he is going to study room to do some office work. On his way, he gets lost in his family gatherings on seeing pictures framed on wall.

Nandu hits the ball hard and it reaches outside the playground where the lousy man is sitting. He asks for Pachauli Talaab but Nandu tells him that it is not here. Suddenly he starts coughing badly on which Nandu offers him water and food. He eats the lunch box greedily. He asks his name but he does nt reply. Nandu offers to come with him to the Haveli and he'd offer him clean clothes, medicines, food. But the lousy man finishes eating and walks off.

Balika Vadhu

Papa Ji asks to bring cake, balloons, etc. to celebrate the wedding ceremony of Shiv's parents. Suddenly the couple climbs down the stairs and asks what were they discussing. Alok receives a call and tells the family that he needs to go to meet his clients in Udaipur.

Saachi asks for Saurabh and he returns back with the surprise. He brings beer bottles for all and orders the waiter to bring the opener open the bottles. He dismisses the restaurant's rule of not drinking in the restaurant and hands over each bottle to all. Saachi too takes a bottle on offering. She questions why did Saurabh take a risk to steal the beer bottles when everyone starts praising Sayrabh's guts. He challenges her and asks her to come on a ride with him on the bike. She sits along with Saurabh with a beer in his hand and Saachi's brother sees her in this situation. He gives a tough look to her and leaves. They fly away on the bike.

Alok visits Sarla at her home and she tells her that Anandi and Shiv came on looking for the truth but she did not speak out. Alok becomes conscious and asks hr to go back to Kolkata as soon as possible. She agrees and says she would leave soon.

The watchman asks the lousy man to leave the park as it is time to close it. On enforcing violence, the lousy man overpowers the guard and the guard gives in. The lpusy man walks out, thereafter peacefully.

Alok comes to Iravati's room and tells about his conversation with Sarla. She becomes tensed and worried if Anandi and Shiv have come to know the truth. But Alok dismisses ger fear and tells her that Sarla would go back to Kolkata soon. Alok and Iravati are talking when Anandi walks in without knocking.

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