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Confessions Of An Indian Teenager: 25th November Episode 1 Written Update

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Confessions Of An Indian Teenager: The first episode of the brand new serial on Channel-V saw Vaibhav Sharma a 17 year old student who is pretty disturbed with all the happenings in his life.

He is poor at studies and tries every way out to escape from this tension. The best way out according to him is committing suicide. He first tries to jump from his apartment but leaves this idea as the height doesn't appear much to him. On his second thought he has the idea of hanging himself to a fan but, is dropped out as the fan couldn't bare his weight and breaks down.

Confessions Of An Indian Teenager

Vaibhav is seen being insulted by his teacher who tells him that he is the lowest scorer in the class and because of him the college can never reach the target of 100% results. He could not take the insult anymore and runs away from the class. At the back of his mind he has this thought that the teacher should have silently given him the paper and not announced his marks in front of the whole class.

He reaches on the terrace of another apartment and thinks of committing suicide. But is again interrupted by the thought of dying from this height or not. So, to test the height he throws a watermelon and considers it as his head. Unfortunately the melon lands pretty close to his teacher walking down.

Once back home he is scolded by his father for what he did and his father starts comparing him to his elder brother who is a lot sincere than him according to him.

Vaibhav is interested in art and design. He loves Gauri his classmate. Uday invites him for a party and he collides with the cake while dancing. He decides to commit suicide by consuming sleeping pills, but medical store keeper catches hold of him. However, he gets the sleeping pills and consumes all. He is taken to the hospital by his parents but it all goes in vain as Vaibhav was no more.

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