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Confessions Of An Indian Teenager: 3rd December Written Episode

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Confessions Of An Indian Teenager starts with the confession of a girl called Sana and her love life. The young age love is shown where the girl and guy kiss each other in the chemistry lab of their school but are still not into the boyfriend-girlfriend category.

Rishav and Sana have remained friends since childhood and the growing friendship was just getting deeper into the Sana's head as she could not take it when Rishav was with his other friends. Even her permanent seat in the cafeteria was now occupied by his new friends. The feeling of insecurity and possessiveness over comes the feeling and bond of friendship.

Confessions Of An Indian Teenager

It was Sana's 17th birthday and like her previous birthdays she expected her best friend Rishav to wish her the first. But her parents wish her exactly at 12 and give her the birthday surprise. The whole night she waits for him to call but he doesn't. Next day morning in the college he hands over a gift to her and tells her not to open. Sana thinks its for her but unfortunately Rishav proposes to another girl and she was heartbroken and considered it as her worst birthday.

The insecurity takes over her and she decides that she will prove Rishav that she is any day better than his girl friend. Tattoos, books and nothing else works out rather she landed up hurting his girl by hitting her unintentionally on her nose.

All her efforts go in vain. As time passed by she realized that it was just her childhood fantasy she was following and Rishav was not meant for her. The episode showcases the problem of love, childhood fantasy and insecurities one encounters in his/her youth.

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