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Diya Aur Baati Hum: November 25th Episode Written Update

By: Rupinder Kaur
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Diya Aur Baati Hum, November 25th episode written update: Sandhya pokes the sleeping Suraj. She asks him to celebrate this time before their marriage. She urges him to go outside and carries a shawl along to protect herself from the cold breeze. They're about to step outside when Baba Sa calls out for Suraj, but then they realise that he's speaking in deep sleep and they proceed outside.

Meena takes her husband to show Mohit and Imli hiring laborer to vacate the shop for which he charges Rs. 1500. Mohit agrees to pay the sum to him. Meena and her husband overlook the whole conversation and Meena takes the credit of wicked playing.

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Sandhya takes Suraj to walk on the cold desert. She asks for this to fulfill her wish as a lover.
Imli and Mohit have tea and biscuits. She wonders why Meena has not woken up yet on which Mohit reminds her of the absence of Bhabho. Meena wakes up late and opens up the door. She sees that the way is blocked by Meena's boxes. Kanha also starts crying. Meena and her husband try but fail to move the boxes.

Baba Sa and Bhabhi discuss their last night's sleep. Chaturi notices how so much dust got in their room when it was not there at the night. Sandhya diverts their mind by preparing tea for all. Suraj takes out money from his pocket to pay to the person who gave them milk. Bhabho notices the dust on the notes.

Meena seeks help from Imli on which she says that it us her luggage, hence, they have placed the same outside their room. Mohit too justifies the act. She tries to convince them both but Imli and Mohit enjoy the situation. Mohit invites the painter and asks him to come up to paint Imli's parlour in purple colour.

Meena and her husband are stricken to their room only. Mohit calls out loudly announcing his departure for office. Meena's husband asks Mohit to remove the luggage but he does not submit in. They take the tea which Imli prepares for the couple.

Sandhya prepares tea for all and calls out fir Suraj from the kitchen to help her in opening the lid off the tea leave box. He opens it very easily and understand that this was an excuse to call him inside. She wraps Mauli on his wrist and says that they would perform the ceremony of Haldi within next 15 minutes.

Sandhya sees Suraj washing his face. Baba Sa is busy showing his hand to the Baba and asks for his success. Bhabho asks Baba Sa to get ready for Kul Snan. She asks Chaturi to pack clothes for all of them. Sandhya tells Bhabho that Suraj's complexion is becoming darker day-by-day upon which Baba Sa tells her that Bhabho used to apply many face packs when their children were young. Suraj keeps rubbing his face with soap. Bhabho walks up to him, holds him by his hand and makes him sit. She asks Chaturi to bring Chanda on which Sandhya suggests to apply Haldi.

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