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Diya Aur Baati Hum: November 26th Episode Written Update

By: Rupinder Kaur
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Diya Aur Baati Hum, November 26th episode written update: The episode begins with Bhabho asking Sandhya to bring Haldi for Suraj. Baba Sa asks the Pandit Ji whose marriage is scheduled in the temple today. Bhabho scolds Baba Sa for asking for marriage. Chaturi packs the clothes for the family and Bhabho asks Suraj to wait till the Haldi dries up. Bhabho asks Baba Sa to come for the Kund Snan. Everyone goes for the Kund Snan except Suraj.

Meena talks loudly with her husband telling him that they would rest in their room for the whole day today. Imli makes a dumb call to Mohit from their residential number. Mohit shouts loudly to tell Meena and her husband that it is Bhabho's phone. Mohit gives the phone to Imli and she imitates talking to her telling her that Meena is still sleeping as the door of their room is still shut. Meena's husband ask Mohit yo remove the luggage and then leave for office. Ankur agrees to pay money but asks Mohit to call the laborers.

Diya Aur Baati Hum

The family comes for Kund Snan and Sandhya rushes back to her home saying that she forgot to keep the towel in the bag. She congratulates Suraj for Haldi and applies Haldi on her face as well.
Imli calls up the labourer and he asks for Rs. 2000 to remove the luggage. Ankur agrees and asks him to remove the luggage. Meena hands over the money to the laborer and removes the luggage. Mohit leaves for office.

Baba Sa feels very cold due to Kund Snan and asks Chaturi to bring quilt. But she tells that all the quilts have been taken away by the Dharamshala people. Bhabho remembers that Sandhya had kept warm clothes in her bag. Suraj walks in and finds Bana Sa trembling with cold. Bhabho opens her bag and Suraj tells her that he would bring the sweater for Baba Sa.

Sandhya hands over a quilt to Bhabho. Sandhya asks Suraj to tell Bhabho about their marriage fast.
Imli asks the painter to paint the shop fast. The painter places the bulb by connecting it onto the switchboard.

The family asks a riddle from all when a child comes in with Mehndi.

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