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Diya Aur Baati Hum: November 29th Episode Written Update

By: Rupinder Kaur
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Diya Aur Baati Hum, November 29th episode written update: Suraj takes out Bhabho and Baba Sa's clothes from the bag and asks Bhabho and Baba Sa to get ready for the scheduled marriage. Baba Sa readily gets agreed to go for the marriage but Bhabho questions why should they attend the marriage of someone unknown.

Meena's mother insults Imli's mother by saying that she thought it is not Imli's mother but Chhavi's some friend. But Imli's father takes charge and takes it as a compliment. Imli's mother gives gifts to Pari and asks her about her parlour. Meena's mother scolds her for giving her shop to Imli. She shouts that she is feeling hungry and Imli says that she will serve the food to all.

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Suraj tells that they should get ready at the earliest and Sandhya has arranged new clothes for them both. He dodges Bhabho and Baba Sa by telling them that the marriage is scheduled after the Gauri Puja and they need to reach the temple by 11 a.m. Baba Sa convinces Bhabho and they both get ready to attend the marriage.

Imli serves the food to all. She removes the lids off the dishes and Meena and her family gets shocked to see the dishes. Meena's mother gets hyper and shouts on Meena for making her eat such a food. She assumes the sweet and corn soup as some non-veg food but Imli rectifies her that it is a vegetarian soup.

Sandhya and Chaturi wait for suraj, Bhabho and Baba Sa in the temple. They wait and Sandhya tells that the bridegroom will reach the temple anytime soon. Suraj reaches the temple with Bhabho and Baba Sa.

Imli asks Meena why did she tell lies to all. She should have said the truth to Imli if Meena had invited her mother and Sudha on lunch. Meena makes her mother drink the soup and she finishes it happily.
Suraj brings Bhabho and Baba Sa to the temple. They enter and Bhabho gets shocked to see Sandhya dressed up as a bride. Baba Sa gets shocked too. She asks what play are they thinking marriage to be. Sandhya tells Bhabho that it was her wish to remarry.

Bhabho scolds Suraj as well as Sandhya for their amateurish behaviour. She explains the piousness of marriage and says they have hurted her.

Sandhya confesses that the reason behind marrying again was that she could not fulfill the promises which she went through during her first marriage as her thoughts were lost in separation with her parents. She married absent- mindedly. She realized the broken bridge of her wedding when Baba Sa declared the way Bhabho has fulfilled all her wedding promises on the day of their marriage anniversary. That day she saw her shadow to figure out her wedding base and to fill the bridge, she decided to marry once again.

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