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Doli Armaanon Ki: 12th December Written Episode

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Doli Armaanon Ki starts with Urmi's family being tensed about the marriage to get cancelled. And on the other hand Samrat's father is asking for apology from Urmi's father. All the girls dance and request Urmi to do as well. Urmi finally dances on the song Sawar loon dedicating it to Samrat.

Ishaan is seen extremely upset with what all happened and drives his car in a rash way. Samrat asks Ishaan the reason for him being so tensed and Ishaan tells Samrat that he is insensitive whatever may be his decision but he should at least think about Urmi as she is a girl and how hurt she would be when she gets to know that her marriage has been put to an off.

Doli Armaanon Ki

Urmi is dancing when her father and brother arrive and they go inside the room followed by all the other family members. Trisha senses that there is something wrong. Urmi's father is tensed as he doesn't know how he should tell this to Urmi, Urmi's brother is scolding his wife as she tries to support Samrat a bit. They all are tensed and worried that Urmi's image will tarnish forever. Trisha hears the truth and is in shock after listening to it.

Trisha arrives at Samrat's hotel and thanks him in a sarcastic way that she is happy he said a no because if Urmi would have married him her life would have gone for a toss as Samrat is equal to a beast. She leaves from the hotel. Meanwhile Ishaan is all geared up to leave the house and go but is stopped by Samrat.

Urmi's family is worried about all that is happening. Her mother breaks down and wants her father to tell Urmi the truth. Urmi is dancing when suddenly she sees Samrat and Ishaan coming out from the car.

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