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Doli Armaanon Ki: 17th December Written Episode

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Doli Armaanon Ki starts with Urmi shying away from Samrat and leaving the place. At Samrat's place his mother is cribbing over the issue that a girl's family should always be kept in control. She is furious with the kind of behavior Urmi's family showed against the issue.

Samrat is busy in his work when his mother approaches him and keeps asking him the reason behind he saying yes for the marriage again. Ishaan is tensed with this behavior of Samrat's mother. His mother advises him to keep Urmi in control to which he says that Urmi will stay the way he wishes her to, so there is nothing to worry.

Seeing Trisha tensed her parents ask her the reason behind it. She tells them that Samrat is not the right guy for Urmi as he is rude, ruthless and heartless. Trisha is advised by her mother not to take any kind of load and keep the matter away now. She tells her that marriages are made in heaven and no one can separate the couple in the same way Urmi and Samrat are made for each other.

Urmi is lost in her own world and is seeing Samrat's pictures in her phone. She tells the servant not to throw the flowers away as they were given by her would be husband. Urmi messages Samrat and asks him if he is missing her. Samrat hardly bothers about it and hands over the phone to Ishaan who finds it extremely cute and romantic.

After a while Urmi receives a message from Samrat which is extremely romantic. She is over joyed with this message and blushes as much as she can. But, actually the message is sent by Ishaan who tells Samrat that he should learn how to do this as always he cannot be there to help him out.

Urmi's parents are tensed after getting a call from Samrat's mother who told them that she wanted to meet them tomorrow regarding something very important.

Samrat And Urmi

Urmi and Samrat's romance will be high, Urmi will shy away from it.


She sends a message to Samrat who doesnt reply to it.


Later the message is sent but by Ishaan and not Samrat.

Samrat's Mother

Samrat's mother thinks that the girl's family should always be kept under control.

Urmi's Parents Tensed

Urmi's parents will be seen tensed as Samrat's mother would want to meet them for some important discussion.

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