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Doli Armaanon Ki: 18th December Written Episode

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Doli Armaanon Ki starts with Urmi's mother telling her sister about the phone call from Samrat's mother. Her sister assures her that there is nothing to worry his mother would talk about her demands which is quite general. In the room then enter Urmi's dadi who tells them not to waste time over talking and do the work. Dadi then calls out for the girls and Urmi so that the rituals can begin.

Urmi's sister Anu calls Ishaan and tries to pull his leg. Trisha is tensed and Urmi tells her to stop being like this as she doesn't want anyone this way. Ishaan picks up the call and thinking that its Urmi's mother talks with respect but later discloses that he knows its Anu and not her mother.

Doli Armaanon Ki

Urmi sees her mother tensed and then asks her the reason behind it her mother somehow manages to tells her that everything is fine she should go and attend the ritual.

As the rituals begin Ishaan enters the house everyone is happy seeing him. He comes and talks to Urmi and everyone around. They tease Ishaan that even he should get married soon, Ishaan replies that he is ready but girls are not matching his standards. He then adds that he wants a girl who is exactly like Urmi, Urmi is surprised and blushes to this.

Meanwhile in the temple Samrat is performing his puja and tries to leave the puja in between as he gets an important call related to his business. The priest tries to make him understand that the puja is important but Samrat doesn't listen. His mother as usual tries to protect her son and bribes the priest to keep his mouth shut.

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