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Doli Armaanon Ki: 4th December Written Episode

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Doli Armaanon Ki starts with Urmi being given gifts by all her relatives. Samrat is seen busy over his phone and not taking the rituals seriously. When Urmi's sister asks him that what would he gift her, he replies in a rude way that whatever has been gifted to her is all his, and if there is anyone who has problem to it they can tell him and he will get his name printed on each gift.

A relative of Samrat tells Ishaan to call Urmi bhabhi, but Ishaan declines as he thinks that there shouldn't be any tag given to girls after marriage as it hides their original identity. He gifts Urmi a diary so that she could write down all her memories and can never forget them.

Doli Armaanon Ki

Samrat's mother gets rose infused milk for urmi, for her to bathe till the day of marriage. Urmi's bhabhi doesn't let this chance go by to emphasise that its all due to her. Samrat gets restless, and Trisha is tensed.

Urmi's family discusses about the marriage expenditure and they want to match up to the level of her in laws so that in future no one says anything to Urmi. Trisha interrupts and says that its just not money that would matter, the character and behavior of a man also matters a lot. Everyone gets upset with this statement by Trisha and ask her what did she mean.

Urmi is tensed. Her mother says that as he doesn't talk much, hence she must have got that opinion. Bhabhi again gets to defending him. Trisha says that she just wants Urmi to be happy with him, and money cant buy that. For a relation, money doesn't matter, respect and trust does. She leaves, while Urmi is tensed.

Meanwhile, Samrat and Ishaan talk about how Samrat would change after marriage. But Samrat refuses to it and says nothing is going to happen he would not change for anyone in the world.

Trisha goes on the terrace followed by Urmi. They both discuss over the statement made by Trisha. Urmi asks her to explain everything. Trisha tells Urmi that Samrat was the same man, who she was talking about earlier. Urmi is shocked and is seen worried that which path is her life leading to.

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