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Doli Armaanon Ki: 5th December Written Episode

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Doli Armaanon Ki starts with Urmi being tensed about what Trisha told her. She decides that she will call Samrat and clear everything, but later denies to it as she is scared what impression of her would it put on Samrat. She then wakes up her sister to ask how does she find Samrat, Anu in half sleep manner, tells her that he is a good guy. Urmi feels relaxed and thinks that Samrat is the right person for her and everyone likes him. Trisha must have got some misunderstandings which she will try and clear as soon as possible.

Urmi is still worried over the whole thing and asks her grandmother how much did her husband lover her? Dadi tells her old stories which Urmi considers extremely sweet. Trisha comes and asks her that why did she not sleep the whole night to which Urmi lies and tells that she did sleep, Trisha tells her not to lie as she is not good at it and her eyes can tell the truth.

Doli Armaanon Ki

Urmi's brother is seen with his wife who is asking him to give her more money as she would buy new sarees. Her brother tells his wife that she already had bought one, but she refrains and her husband gives her the entire money saying that he will wear old clothes in his sister's marriage.

Ishaan is seen telling Samrat that he should relax from work now as he is soon about to get married. Samrat denies to it and insults his brother saying that the day his brother realises all his responsibilities, he would be relaxed. He starts telling to everyone how careless his brother is. His bhabhi feels extremely insulted. Samrat reprimands over the entire family and tells them to take their responsibilities on their own as he doesn't want them to waste his hard earned money. His father is hurt with this behaviour of Samrat.

Samrat's father is tensed that what will happen if he behaves the same with his newly wedded wife. Ishaan tells him not to worry as Urmi is extremely caring and her love and care would change Samrat. Ishaan gets a call from Urmi who asks about her husband and tells him that she wanted to meet him.

Ishaan makes a plan and takes Samrat out to meet Urmi. Urmi smiles after seeing Samrat, but when the topic of Trisha comes out Samrat's reaction would change.

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