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Doli Armaanon Ki: 6th December Written Episode

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Doli Armaanon Ki starts with Urmi and Samrat meeting at the restaurant and greet each other. Samrat finds it highly stupid to leave his important meeting and come and meet her. He somehow manages to put a fake smile on his face and talk to Urmi.

Urmi was scared and finally brings out the topic of Trisha, Samrat finds it weird and gives angry looks to Urmi. He tells her that he has not left such an important meeting for this conversation. Ishaan sees that both of them are not talking to each other and to break the silence between them he gets flowers for Urmi and tells her that it is Samrat who has got the flowers. He forces Samrat to agree to the fact and makes him smile. Urmi blushes and is still in her dream world of Samrat being absolutely a prince charming and a darling by heart. But, in reality he is highly impatient and cruel.

Doli Armaanon Ki

At Urmi's residence everyone is talking about the marriage budget and suddenly the topic moves to Trisha's marriage. Trisha is highly disinterested in the topic and avoids telling anything about it.

Urmi enters the house blushing and everyone is happy to see her back. Urmi's bua ji comes and greets her and hugs her to which her bhabhi cannot stand it and comes to Urmi and starts boasting about herself that it is because of her Urmi is going to such a good family.

Trisha and Urmi meet at the terrace and Trisha asks Urmi about Samrat. Urmi convinces Trisha over the thing that she will like Samrat the next time they meet. Samrat is the guy every girl would dream to have as a husband.

Meanwhile, Ishaan is seen making Samrat understand that he should not hurt his own people and especially Urmi as she would leave everything for him and come to his house. Samrat disagrees and tells that he will not change for anyone. Ishaan questions him that if he is so rude why is he getting married, Samrat tells him that marriage is a waste of time but he has to do it as it is compulsory as well.

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