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Jodha Akbar, December 18th: Jalal Insults Jodha In Court Using Benazir!

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Jodha Akbar, December 18th episode, had Jalal so angry at Jodha after her rejection that he has decided to insult her in court using Benazir, Mahamanga's gift to him.

Jalal is in a very bad mood after Jodha rejection. He even snaps at Rukhaiya when she tries to console him. Jalal then tells her what happened after the court was adjourned last night. The conversation gets interrupted by Jalal's mother and Rukhaiya leaves Jalal in his foul mood.

Mahamanga then goes to Rukhaiya to warn her that Jodha is getting more and more closer to Jalal and that she has to become alert before her status next to Jalal gets disturbed by Jodha.

Jodha enters Jalal's room without permission and Jalal snaps at her for this. Jodha leaves only to re-enter the room after asking permission. Jalal is not in any mood to listen to whatever Jodha is trying to tell. Jodha tries to tell, she knows what exactly she wrote in her letter, but Jalal puts her out saying he has never been insulted this much in his entire life and he will never forget nor forgive her for this. He even tells that he could have killed her for insulting him.

When Jodha tells him that last night she could only see lust for a woman in Jalal's eyes and not love for her. Jalal snaps at her saying of course he does not have any love for her and it is her mistake if she thinks she is any special for him. He says that Jodha is just one woman in 1,000 others who try their best to get on slims from him.

Jalal then meets Mahamanga to confim the contents of the letter Jodha wrote. But when Mahamanga declares that she read what exactly was written by Jodha and he can ask anybody else to recheck, Jalal tears the paper, destroying the only evidence. Mahamanga then presents Jalal with a gift, Benazir.

Jalal, in court would further insult Jodha by asking Rukhaiya to sit next to him and in the other side, he would invite Benazir, his precious gift to be seated. Jodha would assume he will invite her to sit next to him, would get insulted when she comes to know it is not her, but Benazir. Jalal then insults Jodha again by asking her to leave his court since he does not want her presence there.


Mahamanga to increase Jalal and Jodha's distance between each other, gifts Jalal Benazir.

Jalal Insults Jodha

Jodha would get insulted when Jalal calls Benazir to sit next to him in court.


Jalal has taken Jodha's rejection very seriously and insults her in court.

Letter Misunderstood

Jodha's letter to appreciate Jalal has been misused and now Jalal hates Jodha.

Mahamanga's Plan Worked

Mahamanga's evil plan to make Jalal hate Jodha has worked.

Jodha Tires To Explain

Jodha would try to explain to Jalal what she wrote in her letter. But Jalal would be beyond himself to hear her out.

Salima Begam

Salima Begam is shocked to see Jalal insult Jodha too.

Rukhaiya Begam

It was surprising to see Rukhaiya too to fall for Mahamanga's tricks.

Jalal Unfair

Jalal's behaviour towards Jodha is nothing, but unfair.

Jodha Survive This?

Jodha will somehow manage to survive this issue too, but how would she manage to prove herself when Jalal has destroyed the letter she has written? Let's wait and watch.

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