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Jodha Akbar: December 19th, Jalal's Insults For Jodha Continues!

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Jodha Akbar December 19th Episode Written Update: In the Mughal Darwar, Emperor Akbar gives a lot of attention and importance to Benazeer, to avenge his insult by Jodha Begum. As he offers the same status and respect of a begum, to a woman of an inferior level, his mother criticizes the act, though it becomes of no result.

Mahamanga repeats the incidents of Darwar to Begum Rukhaiya, who shows little interest about it and pays no heed to the shrewd lady.

Jodha Akbar

Jodha comes to Jalal to return the bangle, which she received as a gift from him. Benazeer comes and Jalal deliberately praises her and gives her the bangle, returned by Jodha, as a gift. The insulted Begum leaves the place.

Benazeer, the woman who has mastered the craft of hypnotizing men, notices that Jalal gives her attention, to draw the attention of Jodha Begum. The fact strikes her and she keeps thinking over it. The actor playing the role of Benazeer, successfully reflects a seductress.

A wounded Jodha cries in her chamber. During the Puja of Goddess Jagadamba, Jodha's song enchants the Sangeetacharya. He joins her and admires her voice. Jodha feels fortunate being blessed by him. The well written dialogues between the two are especially remarkable.

Akbar arranges a sword training for Benazeer. He deliberately instructs Benazeer to come in the attire, that Begum Jodha wears in time of Talwar practice. Begum Jodha notices this when she returns from Puja and naturally leaves the place with utter disgust. It becomes an extreme level of insult for her. Again Benazeer is troubled by the fact that Akbar notices Jodha, not her. It hurts the pride of a seductress, who repeats it again and again, that her body is sharper than a sword!

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