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Jodha Akbar: December 24th Episode Written Update

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Jodha Akbar December 24th Episode Written Update: All of a sudden Jalal calls Mahamanga and orders to arrange Meena Bazar on the very next day. Akbar says that this time he will purchase items from only one shop, which he will find the best. And he will reward the shop owner with something very precious. The clever lady understands that Jalal is doing this to cause harassment to Jodha Begum in public again.

When people are informed, everyone gets extremely surprised and excited about the fact. Mahamanga cools down an excited Rukaiya Begum saying that it is a contest between Jodha and Benazeer. Benazeer tells Zakira that she will use her brain to win the game.

Jodha Akbar

In the Meena Bazar, Jabida Begum opens a shop of beauty products. She claims that using the products, everyone will get the glamour of Benazeer. A huge crowd gathers around her shop.

Emperor Akbar enters the Meena Bazar and announces that he will reward the best shopkeeper with the uniquely precious Kohinoor diamond. Begum Rukaiya presents him a beautiful shawl. Begum Salima presents a flower bouquet, made of white flowers. She says that the bouquet is not much costly, affordable by anyone, and the essence of the white flowers will calm down the mind and soul of the buyer. As usual, Begum Salima portrays a humble character, the nature of a poet, in herself.

When Jodha says that she has not brought anything to sell, but has brought a gift, the emperor even does not see it and proceeds towards Benazeer, ignoring Jodha. Benazeer presents a portrait of Akbar, in a big canvas. Akbar buys it and gives the Kohinoor to Benazeer. As usual Mahamanga becomes very happy at this incident.

Jalal’s mother wants to see the gift of Jodha Begum. Jodha unveils a miniature cradle, a ‘palna’. It is very lucky according to the Hindu belief. Jodha says that she has brought this to wish good luck to the emperor. Jalal’s mother is so impressed by this that she rewards Jodha with her own necklace. She says that this unique gift cannot be purchased, even with Kohinoor. The great lady behaves like a perfect mother who protects the honour of her daughter-in-law.

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