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Jodha Akbar: Nov 22nd, Jodha Forgives Jalal's Sister, Jalal In Tears Later!

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Jodha Akbar's unfortunate turn of events has left Jalal in a position to decide what punishment to give his beloved sister, Bhakshi Bhanu. But Jalal ends up leaving the decision in the hands of Jodha.

Jalal finds out in the most unfortunate circumstance that it was none other than his sister who had given Jodha the medicine that brought out the symptoms of pregnancy. Shariffudin (who was the actual culprit behind her actions) realising his time is up, leaves the court leaving his wife, Bhakshi Bhani to fend for herself.

Jalal, who had to now decide on a punishment for the guilty had to decide what to do regarding Bhakshi Bhanu. Unable to come to punish his sister, he hand overs the burden to Jodha, who was the actual victim to her doings.

Jodha, though shocked initially, recovers to give Bhakshi Bhanu an apt punishment. She would declare that Bhakshi Bhanu has to forever live alongside her as a beloved sister-in-law. This, she said, would remind her constantly what she has done to his loved ones, including Jalal and her mother.

Though Jodha did not actually punish, Jalal did it for her by breaking every relationship he has with his sister. Later, when Jalal asks why she let go Bhakshi Bhanu easily after everything she has done to her, Jodha makes him understand that whatever Bhakshi Bhanu did was done because of her love to her husband. And she also manages to make Jalal see that he, though not accepting, love his sister with all his heart.

Post this entire scenario, Jalal announces to his citizen that he is not going to be a father and it was a ploy played against him by his own people. He announces that it is fine if he does not have an offspring, since his people are his children.

Jalal Asks Jodha To Punish His Sister

Jalal asks Jodha to decide on which ever punishment his sister Bhakshi Bhani deserves.

Jodha Forgives

Jodha forgives Bhakshi Bhanu and she felt that this is the worst punishment to live among the loved ones knowing what she has done to them.

Jalal Breaks Relationship

Jalal would break all relationships with his sister Bhakshi Bhanu.

Jalal With Jodha

Jalal asks Jodha why she forgave his sister. Jodha replies by saying, it was not Bhakshi Bhanu's crime in the first place. She was just a pawn and moreover she did all this for a person she loves, her husband.

Jalal Hurt

Jalal would announce to his men that Jodha is not pregnant and he is not going to be a father. He says that his people are his children and he is happy with that.

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