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Jodha Akbar: November 27th Episode Written Update!

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Jodha Akbar, November 27th episode written update: Jalal misinformed clue about Rukhaiya Begam's riddle brings Jalal to Jodha's Tulsi plant. When Jalal asks Jodha where his birthday gift is. Jodha has no idea what Jalal is talking about.

Jodha, clueless about what Jalal was talking about gives him his gift. She gifts him a commoner's clothes. When Jalal asks why Jodha has given this as his gift, Jodha explains that this clothes will give him the best gift he has received in his entire life.

When Jalal comes back in the peasant's clothes, Jodha too would be dressed in simple clothes and ready to leave somewhere. Jalal, goes along with what Jodha has planned for him and follows her to his people in the village.

Jalal and Jodha speak to his people and find out the people have no water to drink and have to walk miles to get some. This shocks Jalal and when he asks why they have not informed him about their problem, he will be told that they had tried and were not able to reach him.

Jodha Akbar

This shocks Jalal and he informs them that they will get water for their village by the end of the day and he promises to get this done no matter what. When Jalal enquires Jodha if this was her gift? She asks him to wait till evening to get it.

Jalal then goes back to his court to figure out that he was mislead to Tulasi plant instead of Neem tree. When he does reach the Neem tree he finds Rukhaiya's glorious gift.

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