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Jodha Akbar: November 28th Written Episode; Rukhaiya Vs Jodha For Jalal!

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Jodha Akbar's November 28th Episode had everyone in the court celebrating Jalal's birthday. Jalal who solved Rukhaiya's riddle will find his gift to be a gold suit. Jalal immediately would declare that it is the best gift he has ever received.

Rukhaiya hearing this is very happy to remain the person who gives Jalal the best gift every year. Following this Jalal will receive appreciation and love from his people for having given them the biggest gift of their life by providing them water supply.

Jodha Akbar

Jalal's mother would tell him that it is such blessings that will keep my son safe and prosperous in life. She also adds on to saying that her son is the luckiest person since he has two such wives, who have given such thought into his gifts. One wife has given a gift that shows Jalal's prosperity while another wife gave a gift that shows the love he gets from his people.

Jodha Akbar

Jalal would then announce that he was mistaken when he declared Rukhaiya's gift as the best gift he has ever received. He declares that it is Jodha's gift that is the greatest gift he has ever received in his life.

 Rakhaiya is the most hurt in this situation. She would express her anger in her room and would say that though I know there is nothing going on between Jodha and Jalal, why should Jodha compete with her in giving Jalal such a gift? Why would she put so much thought when she does not care?

Jalal then visits Jodha in her room and tell her that he had thought that the gift he had given her, the bansuri, was the best gift ever. But today she has gifted him a much better gift to him. He says that today he has realised the responsibility in being a king. He has realised that it is not just winning a battle but to feel his people's pain and take care of him.

Jalal then prays to Jodha's lord, Krisha, and when Jodha asks what he prayed for, he says that he prayed that he would receive such gifts from her every year.

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