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Jodha Akbar: Jodha Come Up With A Solution For Rukhaiya And Jalal's Separation But...

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Jalal and Rukhaiya prepare to get separated. She wishes to spend her last night with Jalal. Rukhaiya then gives up all her responsibilities as Jalal's wife to Salima Begam and asks Jodha to prepare her for her last night with Jala. Rukhaiya then blames Jodha for all her troubles and that the only reason why Jalal and herself are getting separated is because of her. Jodha, hurt by this, would decide if she is the reason for their separation, then she will make this right.

Jodha then goes to Jalal and makes him understand that the people do not hate Jalal for the new law, but Adham Khan. Also, she makes Jalal understand that since Jalal and Rukhaiya are his kingdom's favourite couple the people, for whose benefit the law was made, will themselves make things right for them.

Jodha Akbar

Jalal, who gets what Jodha was telling, tries to make Rukhaiya understand that if she manages to melt the people's heart with her sadness with this decision, she will get to remain as what she always wanted, as Jalal's Begam, without Jalal breaking any law.

Rukhaiya then announces that she would like to talk to her people for the last time before giving up her status as the Begam of the kingdom. Rukhaiya then announces to her people what exactly has been happening. And that Jalal's intention was to save their girl children from getting married at a wrong age. Also that Adham Khan, who wanted to marry a young girl, raised a question that if Jalal could marry Rukhaiya at a young age why can't he. Thus, making Jalal divorce Rukhaiya.

This makes the people very angry and that it is not fair to ask everyone who is now happily married to get separated. They would then attack Adham Khan, who is kept hidden in the court by his mother Mahamanga.

Mahamanga then goes out to see what is happening and gets hurt badly by a stone thrown at her. This makes Jalal severely angry. He would then walk to his people with the bleeding Mahamanga.

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