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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: December 18th Episode Written Update

Posted By: Preeti
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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon December 18th Episode Written Update: In today's episode, RK sees a drunk Madhu and questions her. She replies that since he has drinks daily with strangers and that too women, she tried taking a peg too. RK raises his hand to slap her but Madhu stops it. They have a prolonged, heated discussion. Later, Madhu explains the situation calmly to RK and leaves the room.

Bittu also tries to make RK understand Madhu's words. The next day, Radha is praying to God and Madhu comes to ask for forgiveness for her wrong behaviour the night before. She tells Radha that she did it to correct RK's behaviour. Radha says that she knows she did the right thing and Madhu did what she couldn't. She tells her that she trusts Madhu that she will handle everything in the house. Madhu promises her the same. Pabho is looking at them secretly.


RK apologises to Madhu for all his wrong actions. He says he will try and keep Madhu happy always. Suddenly, Ria's call comes on RK'S phone and he cuts it and switches off his phone. Ria gets angry and throws the phone on the floor, which gets dismantled. But thinking that RK will call back, she tries to fix the phone.

Bittu calls RK from outside the room but RK tells him to wait and continues his conversation with Madhu and tells her that she has been the one who has kept this family intact. Later Madhu calls Bittu inside. Bittu informs Madhu that both RK and Madhu are invited to the function. Bittu and RK cheer her up. Then Madhu gets a call from her mother. RK whispers to Bittu about a surprise he has planned for Madhu and whether everything is ready.

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