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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...: December 23rd Written Episode

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara, December 23rd Episode Written Update: Rubal calls Payal and he does not answer his call. Adi calls him back and tells him that Payal is with him. Payal apologises from her. He shouts on her and blames her how ignorant she is. Sheela questions Rubal why didn't they tell everything to anyone of them.

Adi reaches the police station baffled. Pankhuri's lawyer comes and tells her that he will do all the formalities. The lawyer apologises and tells that she needs to stay in the lock up for one night. Pankhuri gets baffled and says that she would take all the charge on herself but Adi shouts on her. Latika and Rohit celebrate their success. He tells her that he really loved Payal but his perspective changed when his ego was hurted. Adi tries to convince the inspector to leave Pankhuri but he is not ready to listen anything. Rubal and Kiara get tensed. Noone answers Rubal's phone. Sheela shouts on everyone for not telling anything to her. Adi answers Rubal's call. Rubal tells him that Rubal is coming to pick them up. Adi makes an excuse that their car broke down.

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara

Avantika and Harish have a conflict on why should not she donate her kidney to Preeti. She tells him clearly that Anuj would readily donate his kidney but Sheela would never allow him to do so. He backs off her hand and tells her that she has never listened to anyone ever. Adi calls up Avantika and tells her everything. Harish takes side of Sheela but Avantika says that she is only concerned about Pankhuri right now. The inspector discharges Pankhuri after getting approval from higher authorities. Pankhuri talks bluntly with Payal. Rubal calls Adi and tells him to meet home as they are coming home.

Sheela strolls tensely in the living room. Rubal enters alone and Sheela shouts where is Pankhuri, Payal and Adi. They ask Avantika if they all are okay. At the very same moment, they all three enter. They all get scared on seeing Payal's red eyes and ask if she is fine. Adi stands aside raged in fury. Sheela asks how did Pankhuri and Adi reach in the same party where Payal was having party with her friends. Adi bursts out in anger and says that he would nit hide anything more from his family. Rubal asks what is the matter and he tells them that they all three are coming back from police station. Everyone gets shocked to know this.

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