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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...: December 24th Episode Written Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara, December 24th Episode Written Update: The episode begins with Adi telling everything to his family. He tells everyone about Payal. Pankhuri asks Rubal to talk to Payal once. He questions Payal why did she tell a lie to him. He tells him that the complete family trusts her and he does not allow anyone to speak between her and him. He blames her how badly Pankhuri would have been caught if she failed to problve her innocence. Rubal apologises from Adi and Pankhuri and thanks them both for standing by his side everytime. Rubal shouts on Payal in anger. He blames Payal for everything and her carelessness.

Sheela and Avantika also have a fight as Sheela compares Pankhuri and Payal. Sheela questions Payal and everyone asks to stop Sheela from speaking. She then, starts blaming Pankhuri for marrying Payal and Rubal. Avantika justifies that she did not tell anything to avoid creating a scene. She blames herself for bringing Payal as her daughter -in-law. Rubal declares that he married Payal because he fell in love with her. And this was his life's biggest mistake.

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara

Preeti's mother-in-law nurses her. She thanks her for serving her but her mother-in-law admits and asks her to recover soon. Preeti and Sameer have a normal conversation. Preeti suggests to shift to hospital till the time she does not recover. Sameer feels irritated to hear this and asks her to stop feeling pity on herself. He makes her understand her value and asks her to go to sleep.

Pankhuri asks everyone to give one last chance to Payal. Adi and Pankhuri fight with each other and Adi leaves the spot. Sheela shouts on Payal and Anuj asks Payal to go in search of Rubal. Anuj holds Sheela by her hand and takes her to their room. They all go in their respective rooms. Kiara has a word with Pankhuri and tells she should not have taken Payal's side.

Rubal taunts Payal when she enters the room and goes to the other room for sleeping. Every incidence haunts Payal of all the incidences. She cries immensely to lighten her heart. She sees herself in the mirror. She talks to herself that how selfish she has become in bringing back her happiness. She wonders how could she do so wrong to this family who lovesher so much.

Harish brings food for Adi but he replies bluntly that he does not want to eat anything. On the other hand, Pankhuri also does not eat anything.

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