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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara: December 2nd Written Episode

By: Rupinder Kaur
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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara, December 2nd Episode Written Update: The episode begins with Kamini convincing Payal that she did everything for her betterment only. She agrees silently and Kamini urges to take care of their family's prestige. But Payal decides to take revenge for shaking her trust by trying to break her relationship with Rohit.

Pankhuri and Adi both sit tensed, supporting each other. Pankhuri undertakes the oath of convincing Harish to attend Payal and Rubal's marriage keeping aside all the tensions.


Sheela is busy in the wedding arrangements and leaves for jewelery shopping, Pankhuri and Kiara leave to hand over the wedding dress to the bride. Everyone starts pulling Rubal's leg pulling. Rubal's father ask when Avantika will come from Pankhuri and Adi. He urges to give formal invitation.

Payal's father brings so many gifts for her new family. Payal tells them that she needs to go to parlour but Kamini stops her by saying that she will come along as she also needs to visit the parlour. Rubal takes suggestion from Adi to buy a gift for Payal. He suggests to gift her a flower or diamonds. He drags Adi to purchase diamonds.

Pankhuri hands over Payal's wedding dress but her phone starts ringing suddenly and the dress falls off her hands. Pankhuri asks to speak with Payal in privacy. Adi asks where will he go for honeymoon. Adi asks Rubal to payback for his help by arranging a honeymoon trip for him as well.

Pankhuri asks if Payal is not ready for the marriage. She tries to win her confidence, but Payal puts it on pre-marriage deters. Pankhuri supports her and confides her that this family will be there for her at every stage. She, then asks who was that man with whom she met yesterday. She tells that he was a friend. Pankhuri leaves and asks her to rest.

Payal addresses Rubal as Rohit by mistake. He clarifies that he called to know if she is fine.
Sameer is tensed as he failed to find a kidney donor for Preeti. He discusses his worry with his father and his wife overhears their conversation.

Harish asks if Payal is doing fine, but her mother asks to leave as soon as possible. Avantika tries to make her sister-in-law understand and she and Harish fight once again. Their fight is overheard by Sheela and her husband and they get shocked. Payal goes inside to take some rest with her mother.

Sheela's husband tries to convince Avantika and Harish to attend the marriage as Rubal's marriage would not be successful without their presence. Harish denies Anuj that he would not be able to attend the marriage. Sheela asks Avantika to attend the marriage for Rubal. Sheela and Anuj leave and Avantika breaks to tears.

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