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Qubool Hai December 9th Episode Written Update

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Qubool Hai's December 9th episode written update: Asad and Zoya unable to sleep in their rooms, walk out to the pool area. Asad finds Zoya with a shoe in her hand and is amused about it. They talk about how they are unable to sleep. Zoya then thanks Asad for staying in the house and says that she understands how difficult it is for him to stay with these people. Also that he is doing all this just for Dilshad and that she is very happy now since he is here.

Zoya continues to say that if Asad had left that day, he would have regretted it always and he has taken the right decision by staying. Asad says why it does not feel right then? He says both their families have always had hatred for each other and living under the same roof is definitely going to be heartbreaking.

Qubool Hai

At Haseena's residence, a knock wakes up Nikhat and she checks if Farhan has returned and when she finds Farhan sleeping and she wonders who is it. Meanwhile, Nikhat overhears the sound of anklets and goes onto find out who it is. She gets scared when someone crops up from behind, and she turns around and is shocked to see who is it. She is relived to find that it's just Haseena and asks her about the anklets, but Haseena waves it off as a bad dream, and asks her to go sleep. When she leaves, Haseena is relieved and yet tensed.

At Ayan's residence, Zoya tells Asad that he has done a great job so far. And when he tries to explain how torturous it is for him, Zoya asks him to relax, and that she understands. Zoya tries to cheer him up by asking him to try sitting at the poolside with their feet in water. She says that it will cool their mind. And when she splashes water on him, she gets scared he might get angry again, but he surprises her by splashing water on her in return.

Precap: Dilshad tells Zoya that love teaches everything, and that Zoya has to convince Asad to accept the fact that they are going to stay here not just for a couple of days, but forever. Shirin and Razia overhear this and are shocked. Haider takes Humaira in his arms while she asks him to put her down.

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