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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke: November 29th Written Episode

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Gunjan and Rachana are seen making people aware of their safety rights and telling them how badly women are treated in the society. Gunjan is seen telling people around that police cannot be everywhere so we need to be careful and should be strong enough to fight with any situation presented.

A man enters the scene and is arguing to Gunjan that there is no need to be so restless nothing big has happened to create such a havoc. People disagree to her and start leaving from the place saying that girls should know their limits and it is required that they should not leave the house once the sun sets down. They are taunted by the people present there and all of them leave.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke

Gunjan and Rachana are upset. Chaya's mother tells Chaya that no one is going to understand and relate to their problem. Nitya calls Kabir and asks if they should keep Rachana as an intern. He tells her its up to her and he doesn't bother. Nitya calls Rachana and asks her why she isn't at work and tells her she's luck Kabir didn't fire her and says he's working from his house and that she should go and help him out with the designs but Rachana refuses.

Nitya calls Rachana and asks her for the reason of not coming to office and tells her to re-join work and complete the pending work. Chhaya decides over the plan as told by Gunjan and reaches the place where the boys who teased her were already present. Seema and Shail refuse over Gunjan and Rachana going there.

Shail finally agrees to let them go but only when Mayank gets back. Rachana and Gunjan tells that it might be too late and something might happen to Chaya. The goons start disturbing and old man and push him and he gets hurt. Chaya looks at this and tells them this area is not for them. They recognize her as the one that ran from them other day. Gunjan and Rachana managed to convince Shail to let them go. The goons start tormenting her. Meanwhile Gunjan and Rachana's friend arrive and beat up the guys.

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