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Veer Ki Ardaas Veera: 18th December Written Episode, Karan Ditches Baldev!

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Veer Ki Ardaas Veera starts with Karan chatting with Veera and asking her more about her life. He then asks her that why did your mother suddenly leave the conversation and went inside her room. Veer tells him that she must have been tired. Karan requests her to take her to Ratan's room immediately.

Both Karan and Veera enter Ratan's room and Karan sits next to her. He tells Ratan that he is extremely sorry for being late, he wishes to talk to her as he has heard a lot about her. He tell sher that Veera and him are best friends and Veera has always spoken a lot about him.

Veer Ki Ardaas Veera

Veera with the fear in her mind requests Karan to leave the room as she thinks her mother needs to sleep. Ratan tells Karan that even Veera has told a lot about him and she is happy that he is home today, she asks for excuse as she wants to sleep. Veera feels happy with the way Ratan spoke to Karan.

In Baldev's place Bansuri and everyone are waiting for the boys to come home. Baldev enters the house alone and Bansuri immediately asks him about Karan. Baldev tells them that he is at Veera's place having dinner and then he tells that he will make sure that he snatches everything away from Veera he will take the revenge for it as soon as possible.

Bansuri feels bad that all her hard work has gone in vain. Baldev then gets into an argument with his father again because Gunjan was clicking photos and Baldev tells her that she can take his photo as well when he stands for the election. Balwant replied that he will never let Baldev stand in elections as he just scares people.

Veera and Chaiji are serving food to Karan, who is shocked seeing so many varieties. He then jokes around and gets into a good conversation with everyone around. He leaves after having his dinner and tries to hug Veera who stops him from doing so as it is village and people here wont like it.

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