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Veer Ki Ardaas Veera: 23rd December Written Episode; Veera Blamed By Baldev!

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Veer Ki Ardaas Veera starts with Baldev coming on the terrace towards Veera and telling her what were they doing. He immediately takes the side of Karan and tells the village people that it is Veera who is to be blamed as Karan is new here and does not know that hugging here is prohibited.

Ranveer comes running on the terrace when the village people start shouting over Veera that she is shameless and has lost all her respect. He warns everyone present there that Veera can never do anything like that, he has all his trust on her. He tells them that he wouldn't even believe this if god comes and tells him that his Veera is wrong.

Veer Ki Ardaas Veera

Bansari comes inside Ranveer's house carrying a pickle jar. She tells Ratan to control Veera and she would help her bring some distance between Veera and Karan. Ratan is shocked and asks Bansuri what happened, Ranveer somehow manages and tells that nothing has happened. Veera gets furious and tells something about Baldev which Bansuri cannot take anymore and goes out of their house.

Ranveer is called in the panchayat by Balwant. He tells Veera to stay inside and not come along. In the meanwhile Karan is upset and Baldev cheers him up saying that he will win the elections next time and will make sure that no problem is caused over him.

In the panchayat Balwant introduces them to a banker who resolves their issue of loan which makes them happy. Ratan gives a shock to everyone by saying that she will keep her house as the security.

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