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Veer Ki Ardaas Veera: 2nd December Written Episode

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Veer Ki Ardaas Veera starts with Ranveer showing Veera her new room and asking her whether she liked it or not. Veera is extremely happy seeing her new room and tells her brother how much she missed all this in Delhi and specially her brother. Ranveer tells her that there is no way he can see her upset and prays to god that she stays happy forever and puts on a permanent smile on her face.

Both the brother and the sister plan to go out on Ranveer's new bike. Ranveer tells Veera that he had got this bike only because he wanted to show her all of the pind. Veera is happy knowing it and urges her brother to let her ride the bike. After a long time Ranveer agrees to it. Veera takes away the bike on her own and tells Ranveer and that your sister has now grown up and knows how to ride a bike so there is no need for him to worry.

Veer Ki Ardaas Veera

Veera loses her balance and falls in the mud pit as someone had burst crackers near her. It was none other than Veera's childhood rival Baldev. Baldev is seen making fun of Veera and Veera tells him that he has still not changed and remains the same person she would always hate. Veera kick starts her bike and makes sure that all the mud falls over Baldev's face, after doing so she runs away. Ranveer here is worried about Veera and her safety. He finally meets her and takes her back home.

Moti Chaiji is shocked seeing the role reversal of Ranveer and his mother. Ranveer is making tea for Veera which is not liked by Ratan. Chaiji tells him that he could have told her mother to do it. Ranveer says no if she does anything like what happened yesterday Veera would again be hurt which he would never like.
Ranveer goes to Veera's room and enquires her about a sudden call that she was talking over now. Veera to handle the situation tells that its her friend female friend Karanpreet but in reality it was her best friend Karan who had called to talk to her.

Chaiji praises Ranveer's tea and tells him that he should make it more often. Ratan is seen looking at Veera's shoes. Chaiji then tells her that there is no need to wonder how Veera grew up so fast, time changes and so do the children.

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