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Veer Ki Ardaas Veera: 4th December Written Episode

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Veer Ki Ardaas Veera starts with Balvant calling out for Bansari and telling her to come fast as they were getting late to go out. Bansuri argues and tells him that it takes time for beautiful women to get ready as it is the only way they can hide their old age.

Veera enters Balwant's house, he is extremely happy to see Veera and shares his feelings with him. Balwant tells her that Gunjan has gone out but she can meet Baldev. Veera complaints about Baldev saying that he should get the Mata Ki Chowki done somewhere else as it troubles the people passing by from the main road. Balwant tells her that no one till now has ever complained regarding this to which Veera tells that the sole reason behind this is that people fear of him and his friends and secondly he is the son of the sarpanch of the village.

Veer Ki Ardaas Veera

Ratan is buying vegetables when there is announcement made saying that Balvant the junior sarpanch is putting up a mata ki chowki, and those who will not attend they will add sins to their lives. Ratan is upset listening to it and says to Ranveer that it is one's own choice whether he/she wants to go or not there shouldn't be any hard and fast rule implied to it.

Veera is seeing Baldev shouting at the people and not letting them cross by the road. She gets angry and thinks that she must put an end to all of this. There is only one person who can have solution to it her friend Karan and immediately her phone rings and it was Karan's call.

Ranveer goes to a shop and buys coffee for Veera, Ratan taunts him saying that it is for the first time he is lying to his mother for his sister. Veera repairs her bike and Chaiji comes there and tells her to get ready as they need to go to the village function.

They reach the function area and worship the goddess. Veera decides that very soon Baldev will be taught a lesson for all his bad deeds. Baldev and his friends welcome Surjeet Singh with garlands and praise him.

Surjeet Singh is going, when Ratan stops him and tells him that very soon she will be paying the total amount for the loan. Surjeet in attitude neglects her and tells her that once the total amount is collected only then talk to him. Veera hears the conversation and is tensed about the situation her family was now in.

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