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Veer Ki Ardaas Veera: 6th December Written Episode

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Veer Ki Ardaas Veera starts with Chaiji scolding Veera, and Veera being supported by her mother. Her phone rings and she cuts the call. Ranveer comes with coffee for Veera. Veera gives Ranveer the thirty thousand she had saved in her hostel life.

Veera's phone ringing and once she picks up the call its Karan over the phone. She asks him why did he call up so early in the morning. Karan tells that her that he was getting bored and that's why he has called. He then asks her why isn't she picking up his calls and then Veera tells him that she is always surrounded by Chaiji and Ratan so it's difficult for her.

Veer Ki Ardaas Veera

Ratan over hears Veera's conversation over the phone and then she gets scared and cuts the call. Veera asks Ratan whether she did her breakfast or not as she wanted to have breakfast with her mother. Ratan denies to it and tells that she has some urgent work and will have it later. Veera feels a bit upset and asks Ratan that there is no problem if she couldn't have breakfast with her, will it be okay if they have lunch together. Ratan agrees to it which gives hope to Veera that Ratan's feelings for Veera are changing a little bit.

Chaiji enters the kitchen and asks Ratan what is she cooking? But, as soon as the lady in the kitchen turns Chaiji is shocked to see that it is Veera who has dressed up as Ratan. She asks her the reason for doing so, Veera tells her that from the time she has come back, she has not even touched Ratan so by wearing her clothes, she feels that Ratan is close to her.

Chaiji kisses Veera's forehead and tells her that she has grown up and has become a matured girl. She then tells Veera that she will help her out with whatever she is cooking. Veera doesn't agree to this and sends Chaiji out of the kitchen.

Ranveer enters running as he has got a kulfi for Veera which he didn't want to melt. He is shocked seeing Veera in Ratan's dress. Veera asks him to have a bite, they both share the kulfi. Veera goes inside the kitchen as she wants to cook for everyone today.

Baldev is seen at his place asking for water when his father comes and scolds him for his ill-mannered behaviour. He tells his dad that his dad has no reputation, so he should stop lecturing his son regarding it. Baldev tells his father that Veera is the one who had spoiled last evening's program and he tells that he will take revenge from her no matter what.

Ratan asks Veera what is she doing, and Veera tells that she is just being like her mother as it is well said that a daughter is exactly the reflection of her mother.

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