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Veer Ki Ardaas Veera: 9th December Written Episode

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Veer Ki Ardaas Veera starts with Ratan being worried over Veera cooking in the kitchen to which Chaiji responds that she is so worried as if there is some thief who has entered the kitchen. She just worried that Veera doesn't get hurt and is trying to hide her feelings.

Veera gets the food outside that she has cooked for everyone. When Chaiji asks her to serve her first she declines and says that it will be her mother who will taste it first. Ratan hesitatingly sits to eat but she is shocked when Veera tells that she is presenting the world famous Italian dish Pasta. Veera tells everyone that she has learned making this dish in Delhi.

Veer Ki Ardaas Veera

Ratan is furious and asks Chaiji why did she allow her inside the kitchen, she has dirtied the whole kitchen and made this dish which is half burnt. Angry Ratan starts leaving the place when Veera stops her and asks her to scold more and takes out another plate which has the unburnt food. When Chaiji asked her when she had the unburnt food why did she present the burnt food to Ratan, Veera had nothing to say but her facial expressions said it all. She did it on purpose so that her mother scolds her and she accepts her as her daughter.

When forced by Ranveer, Ratan eats the noodles Veera had made but does not give any comment over how it tasted and leaves for the fields. Ranveer hides the plate of noodles so that Veera doesn't feel bad. Veera comes and asks about her mother, and then tells that it must have been that her mother did not like her cooking.

Ranveer and Ratan go to the field where they see Surjeet Singh talking to a person about selling their land. Ratan argues with him and asks him what is he doing there and how can he talk about selling their land. He tells them that as they have not paid there loan to him thats the reason the land is his. Both the parties get into an argument and Ranveer tells him that you get the papers ready I will get the cash and take the land back from you.

Veera is clicking pictures of a girl in the market. When Chaiji tells her to stop irritating that little kid. She gets curious and asks Veera about her camera. Baldev's friends come and ask Veera to take their pics as well and start troubling her.

Suddenly they see Gunjan coming on a jeep who looks extremely stunning. She comes to the boys and start insulting them. Ranveer and Ratan go to Surjeet Singh's place who does not accept the money and says that the amount is not full.

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